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Extra 01 - Photograph

So since generation 3 (and potentially the next generations as well) will be just as much about the entourage characters as the heirs, I've decided to do a series of super short extra chapters to flesh out the side characters. They're for my amusement as much as yours.

Most of these will be sparked from a song that makes me think of certain characters. This one is definitely true of that. Photograph by Ed Sheeran for those who enjoy listening to music while reading.

Without further ado... I give you Extras 01 - Photograph. A Blaine/Sophie short.


“I’d known Zinna since we were both kids. Before that, really. I don’t know why I was so nervous, but asking her out to that park that Love Day was the most excruciatingly terrifying event of my life up to that point. 

“Of course that moment was soon eclipsed by the far more terrifying moment of actually asking her to the dance. I was so sure she’d say no, or say she already had a date or something along those lines. 

“Instead, she said yes. Apparently she’d been waiting for me to ask her. With my mom… out of town at the time, we’d been spending a lot more time together, and I guess at some point in that time frame, she’d fallen for me like I’d fallen for her. 

“The park DJ picked that moment to switch to a slow song and Zinna grabbed me for a dance together, to practice. She was always like that. Strong willed, confident… sometimes I miss the girl she was.”

“Did you kiss her?” His companion asks. 

”I did.” He responds, savouring the memory of his first kiss.  

“How was it?”

He decides to lie: “Nothing special.” 

“I really thought I was going to marry her. That we’d live in Monte Vista. Maybe have a few kids and grandkids. Grow old and grey together. I guess I was a bit of a romantic.” 

“You’re still a romantic.” Sophie Rodgers-Van Gould points out. “It’s been years since Zinna took off on you and yet you’re still not over her.”

They sit in her father’s indoor pool. He’d come over to fix her radio, but by the time he’d finished, the rain had started pouring. Sophie offered him a seat until the rain let up, and he accepted. That had been an hour ago. 

She was glad he was still around. With her parents in Brickton for Tristan’s graduation, the house was empty and lonely. She hated it.

 “Zinna was my first love. It’s not like getting over her will be easy. Plus its not like I have time to start anything serious with anybody. Work is kicking my ass.” 

She gets a brilliant idea. 

“What you need is a good fuck. A rebound, if you will. Some no strings attached fun doesn’t take more than a night, and you’ll finally be able to get her off your mind.”

“I really don’t think-“ 

“I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.” She interrupts loudly, jumping from her seat. 

He stays silent for a moment, hoping she’ll admit to joking. But no such luck. 

“You can’t be serious. Sophie, you’re Bay’s best friend.” 

“Well then we just won’t tell her, now will we.” 

He shakes his head. “You’re being ridiculous.” 

He gets up to leave, but Sophie stops him. “Come on. What’s the problem? 

“You mean besides your father, brother and my sister coming after me to kill me for defiling you?” 

“Oh please. I can handle them. And I can keep a fling from them easily. I’ve done it before.” 

“Okay. Then, what about if this becomes more than a fling? I must warn you, I’m very easy to fall in love with.” 

“Perhaps, but I’m a fairy. And fairies can’t fall in love. Everybody knows that.” 

“And what if I fall in love with you?”

Sophie laughs at the idea. “You won’t. I’m a huge pain in the ass.” 

He smiles. “Well then, I guess you’ve convinced me.” 

Loving can hurt 
Loving can hurt sometimes
But it’s the only thing that I know
When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive.

We keep this love in a photograph 
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken

And time’s forever frozen still.

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3.01 - Angel with a Shotgun

The job of an undercover security officer is never done. Jeffery Donner, early thirties, had barely finished his inspection of the local salon when he caught sight of an obvious refugee. What luck! 

Refugees were everywhere ever since the government closed the roads into and out of the capitol. And the best part? Most of them didn’t have their human-genetic papers. Which meant they had no protection against going to jail if a security officer found them. 

“Papers and identification, please.” 

The short red head shoots her hand up in a perfect salute. Obviously practiced. 

“I’m sorry sir.” She responds, voice shaky. “I don’t have my papers on me.” 

“You don’t have your papers on you, or you don’t have your papers at all?” 

The red head’s hand falters, but she says nothing. 

Jeffery smiles. Today just keeps getting better and better after all. “Well you’re lucky I found you instead of someone else. I have a friend who can help you get some papers. Shall we go somewhere more private to talk?”

If Jeffery had just looked behind him once, he may have done the smart thing and run. But in the Capitol, officers rule the streets. What could they possibly have to fear?

“You’re going to want to be stepping away from her, friend.”

Jeffery backs off immediately, eyes glowing bright for a second. He spins to face the newcomer, colour draining from his face when the recognition hits. 

“You’re… you’re that damn politician’s brats!” 

“Yes. We are.” Isidore growls, eyes glowing bright as he focuses his ability onto the cowering man. “And you’re going to help me, my sister, and our friends get the hell out of this hell hole. Do you understand me?”

Helpless, Jeffery’s eyes glow again, and he nods obediently. 

There are times when Isidore resents his roommates. 

Delia isn’t so bad. Her father was a human, and she was able to get herself papers claiming she had full human genetics. That allowed her to use the money they had to rent the lower half of a townhouse on the far side of town. 

No. The problem was Delia’s girlfriend. Janell Younan-Riverhaven. His ex. 

“Watcher. Do you two have to do that in the living room? Get dressed!” Sometimes he gives orders without realizing they’re orders. 

He feels bad as Delia’s eyes glow and she rushes out of the room to get dressed. Janell doesn’t move. 

Not everyone is a slave to his orders. Rarely, Isidore will meet someone who can completely ignore his ability. Janell is one of them. 

She leans back in her seat, not caring that she’s half naked. “Hello Isi. Did you two get the papers?”

“I can’t believe you!” Leya spits out, glaring at Janell. “We’re out there risking our lives and you’re sitting here making out? The hell is wrong with you?”

“We all do our part.” Janell responds, sweetly. “I watch and listen. And you whore yourself out.” 

Before Leya can lunge at her, Isidore steps in. “Go take a walk, Leya.” 

Her eyes glow. She shoots him a glare, but leaves towards the bedrooms anyway. 

“Well she still hates me. Nice to know.” 

With a sigh, Isidore takes a seat next to Janell. She’s put up a tough front, but he knows she’s bothered. 

“She needs to blame someone. So she blames you.”

“For being here when Wanda isn’t?”

Isidore nods. “If you would just tell her what happened-“

“I’m not going to talk about that night.” She says with a soft smile. “Let’s talk about something else. How’d it go today? Any progress?”

“Some.” He doesn’t sound happy. We found Officer Donner. And got a name for the fake ID guy. But we also found out he got arrested at the riot last week.”

“So we’re back to square one.” 

He nods. “Looks like we won’t be getting out of here any time soon.” 

Her face falls. “Fantastic.”

It’s a little while later when Isidore finally goes looking for his sister. Her room is completely devoid of decorations or personal affects. Neither of them thought they’d be here long, but the bridges were closed only days later. Two months later, they’re still stuck. They haven’t spent so long in one place since the war started. 

“I know Janell is a bitch, but you need to learn to ignore her. If you two could just learn to get along, it would make life so much easier for everyone!”

Normally, she ignores his lectures. But today has been too much. 

She jumped out of bed, nearly at his throat in anger. “I’M the problem? Are you kidding me? I’m the one risking my ass out there every day! While that bitch stays warm and dry in bed all day! She doesn’t deserve to even be here!” 

“Deserving of it or not, I am not going to just kick her out onto the street because you don’t like her!” Isidore shouts back, no longer caring if Janell or Delia can hear them. “It is NOT her fault Wanda died! And it certainly isn’t her fault Wanda died thinking you hated her!”

Isidore doesn’t hit back often. But when he does, he knows exactly where to hit. 

“How could you say that.” 

Isidore’s heart hurts when Leya’s face falls, but he holds strong. “Because its true. But remember, you aren’t the only person in this world whose lost someone important to them.” 

“I’m sorry.” She whispers. “I hadn’t even thought about who you’ve lost.”

Tears threaten to flow as Isidore remembers Amelia’s face. It’s been five years since he last saw her. They’ve spent longer apart than they ever did together.  He pushes thoughts of her away. It hurts too much. 

“We’ve both lost too many people. Dad and Grandma Dora. But this isn’t it, okay? You know why we go out there every day. To… come on now, Leya, say it for me…” 

“To get out of here. And to find Mira, and Damon and mom.” 

“That’s right.” Isidore smiles, relieved when Leya smiles with him. “And that’s what we’re going to do. We’re at a stand still right now, but we WILL find a way out of this. I promise.”

When Isidore leaves the room, he tries to ignore Delia, but he has no such luck today.

“Why are you lying to her?” 

He doesn’t say anything, so she continues. 

“Even if you guys did somehow manage to get past the barriers, what are the chances you ever find your siblings? You’re better off here. At least its safe.” 

Sometimes he wishes Delia didn’t always make so much sense. “I know we’ll find them because I have faith. You should maybe try it sometime.”

His words are worded carefully enough to keep from forcing her to suddenly become a nun, but Delia still feels a slight tug towards the nearest church. That boy doesn’t know his own strength sometimes. If not for Janell, Delia would have kicked Isidore and Leya out months ago.

3 a.m. 

On the nights Isidore can’t sleep, he watches the news. It’s never good news, but its good to be informed. 

“You mind turning that down a bit?”

His hand darts tot he remote, shutting it off quickly. “Sorry, Jan. Didn’t mean to wake you.” 

“It’s fine.” She smiles, stretching. When she turns and catches him staring, he quickly turns to look the opposite direction. “You can look, you know. I don’t mind.” 

“I mind.” He shoots back. 

She smiles, then takes the seat next to him, folding her hands on her lap. “So what’s bothering you this time mister sour puss?”

He could lie to her. But there’s no point. She knows him too well. “It’s something your girlfriend said. About my chances of finding Mira and Damon.” 

Janell doesn’t miss a beat. “Delia doesn’t know everything. If anyone was capable of finding two people who could be anywhere on this planet, it’s you. And I don’t want you losing hope. Once you’ve lost hope, or faith, or whatever it is you’re calling it now, the government has won.” 

She continues: “If I could just have one more day with my family, I’d do anything…” 

She stops, eyes glazed over, lost in thought. Isidore wonders if she’s even aware he’s still there. 

She laughs to herself. “I’d even clean Tay’s diapers without complaining. Honest to the Watcher, I would.”



“You’re crying.” 

She touches her cheek softly, before putting her hand back down. “I guess I am.”

He puts an arm around her, to comfort her. “You’ve never really told me what happened.” 

“And I’m not going to tell you now.” She laughs, smiling slightly. “A girl is allowed to have some secrets.” 

“I won’t push.” He promises.

“I know you won’t. You’re a good guy like that.” 

Without thinking, he closes his eyes and leans in to kiss her. 

To his surprise, she meets him half way. Thats when they should have stopped things.

They could have also stopped things when he took her bra off, or when they moved off of the couch. At any point between then and now, they could have stopped. Should have stopped. 

But in the moment, Isidore finds he no longer cares. There’s been this tension in the house ever since they saw each other. Maybe now it will get better. He just wishes he could get Amelia’s face out of his head.


Originally this chapter was going to be called SING (Referencing My Chemical Romance's version). But I think The Cab's "Angel with a Shotgun" fits better for the opening chapter of generation 3. 

These updates are going to be sporadic at best thanks to my hectic school and social schedule. But I do want to tell this story. I just finished writing a romantic comedy in school (it was a self imposed challenge to see if I -could- do it) so my capability for happy endings has been depleted. 

So yeah. Heads up. This generation will be brutal. Not Avendale generation 2 brutal, but... Reya level brutal.

Next chapter we see what Mira (and Damon) have been up to. 

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2.17 - This is War

“So Elrich’s been following me around again. He says your words convinced him I’m the only girl for him. What the hell did you say?”

“I told him that he shouldn’t have played with your feelings like he did. That he was never going to find a better girl. And I wasn’t lying! Doesn’t mean I was encouraging him to go after you again!”

Leya sighs, smiling softly at her brother. “Do you think maybe I should give him another chance?

“Definitely not.” Isidore demands, causing Leya’s eyes to glow lightly for a second. “You should stomp on his heart and make sure he never bothers you again.”

“Daddy, no! I don’t want to see her ever again!”

“I know, love. But she’s still your mother. And it will only be for a month, I promise.”

“A month is forever! You’re not going to take her back, are you?”

“Never. But its tradition. She wants to be there for your 18th birthday, to show you the ways of our pack.”

“I’m not a part of that pack anymore.”

“You aren’t married to that pack-less boy yet, Amelia. For now, you are still a member of your mother’s pack. As am I.”

“Did you really think I was going to just take you back?”

“Come on, Leya. The baby isn’t a problem anymore. Take me back. We can be a family!”


“My dad promised we’ll only be gone a month.” 

“A month is forever!”

“That’s what I said!” She agrees. “But she said since we’re not married I’m still bound to my pack’s laws.”

“Then let’s tell your dad about our engagement. As soon as you get back!”

Amelia doesn’t look convinced, but her eyes glow and she nods obediently. “Of course.”

This is going to be the longest month of Isidore’s young life. He doesn’t know it yet.

Her mother told her to go for it. To follow her heart.

It backfires. It had to. Blaine’s seen this vision so many times. 

“No. Never. How could you, Wanda? I thought you were my best friend!”

Its time. 

“Rhonda?” The fair skinned red head seems surprised to see her neighbour out in the sun. She always acts surprised. “How lovely to see you! How’s Harold doing? Blaine is wondering if he’ll be well enough for Friday’s poker game.”

Harold, Rhonda’s brother isn’t even sick. But he has been Rhonda’s only source of nourishment, so she’s kept him locked up in the basement for a few weeks now. Was Kaia threatening her?

“Can we please talk inside? I have news about him.”

Inside, Kaia heads towards the fireplace, slowly pushing the papers back into the flames where they belonged. Rhonda notices a few personal letters mixed in with the various newspaper articles in the fire. But she can’t tell if the letters were addressed to or from the house she’s standing in. 

“What news do you have for me, Rhonda?”

She’d almost forgotten her reason for coming here. 

“They made the announcement today. Gem Sari is being invited back to Sunset Valley to proceed with the talks for the new Equality law. Should I begin the motions?” 

Kaia is silent for a moment, before nodding. “Get everyone into position. I’ll speak with our seer and learn the status of our martyr. We cannot move in until his death. It’s what gives us the momentum we will need to flourish.”

Rhonda nods. “Yes, my lady.”

War is coming. War is not coming. War is already here. War has not yet started. Kaia taught him to focus his energies on seeing the possibilities, not the definitive paths that must happen, but all he has seen has led to this.

This is happening. This is war.

She hates interrupting him, seeing the pain in his face as the visions invade him. She almost leaves him be before changing her mind. 

“My love. I need you to wake up, it’s-.”

“It’s time.” He interrupts, falling down onto the soft cushions below. 

She says nothing as he stretches and stands up on his own. At his age he should be grey and rigid, not young and full of energy. Her own magic is to blame for that, but his height and muscular build are all his. He has been  determined student under her, and for that she respects him; and his gift. 

“Have you begun the motions yet? We’ll need to move quickly if the announcement has already been made. It will take a week at least to return to Moonlight Falls.”

“I thought we decided you weren’t going back to Moonlight Falls. Seeing your sister after everything that you know…”

“That’s why I’m not the one going.” He says with a reassuring smile. 

The only door to the basement opens once again, and a seventeen year old boy with his mother’s cheekbones and father’s colouring enters. “You called for me, dad?”

“Evan will be going to collect the children in my stead.” Blaine announces, ignoring Kaia’s look of horror. “You wanted to keep him away from the fighting, and we need to bring you your hero as soon as possible.” 

“I’ll be fine, mom.” Evan promises, facing the redheaded woman. “Dad and I talked everything over already. He’ll send an old friend a letter with some instructions to take the kids to a safe place. I’ll be there waiting to bring them here.”

“And what if you get into trouble?” Kaia asks with real concern in her voice. “What then?”

“Then I use my enchantments.” Evan replies with a smirk. “I’m stronger than anything they can throw at me.” 

“You certainly have the raw talent.” Blaine agrees. “But many of the residents of my old town were very well trained. And my sister herself was one of the strongest witches I knew. Do not underestimate anyone.”

“I won’t!” Evan whines. “I know the rules. And I won’t take any unnecessary risks what so ever. In and out, no one will know I was there, and I’ll take good care of the kids. I love kids!” 

“You hate kids.”

“Not these ones! I’m related to these ones!”

While the boys spoke, Kaia wandered over to turn on the old radio in the corner. Her dear husband had it set to classical music, but she found the station she was looking for soon enough. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, tickets for representative Gem Sari’s talk on species equality this upcoming holiday will be sold online this Saturday. Log on early as we expect all tickets to sell out quickly. This will be a historic moment!”

“No news yet on if Representative Sari will be  traveling with his family or not as Mrs. Bayrose Sari, better known as pop sensation Baby Rose is due to be in concert the following morning. More news after these messages!”

With a scowl, Kaia admits defeat. “If you’re going to go, Evan, go now. I’ll send word for everyone to gather in Sunset Valley. Once the martyr falls, we make our move.”


Okay so I've had these photos done for weeks now, but I have been so busy with work that I hadn't even sat down to organize them until earlier today. But now its done.

I really wasn't sure how I wanted to bring Kaia's plan back into the story, but after experimenting with some music I decided that 30 seconds to Mars' anti-war song, This is War was the perfect background to the movement going on underground while Gem and Bayrose are playing house with their kids.

All the way back in Generation One, I mentioned how mixed occult kids often have extra abilities that neither of their full blooded parents might possess. Evan's "enchantments" will be further showcased in chapter 2.18 and Isidore's commands will be touched on next chapter and explained far more fully after he's actually experimented with them in Generation Three.

My god this story is taking forever.