Thursday, March 14, 2013

1.02 - Holding Out for a Hero

Alexis had been organizing a leisure day party almost since her first day in town, long before she found out she was pregnant. So she doesn’t cancel the party, and announces her pregnancy to Amaya as soon as she and Hassim enter the door. 

Amaya is thrilled! She and Hassim have been trying for another child too! It would be so great for all their children to grow up together! If Alexis’ baby turns out to be a witch like little Zinna then they could even practice their magic together!

“Have you told the father yet?”

Alexis sighs as Amaya feels her tummy. “No. She was a fairy who left town the same night we met. I don’t really want to go through all the effort of finding her just to tell her that she managed to knock up a witch.”

“I suppose.” Amaya answers with a smile. “If you do need anything at all, just ask us. You don’t have to go through this alone.”

Alexis thanks her, then goes to mingle with the guests. Hassim asks her to dance. He’s a handsome man, but Alexis reminds herself that he’s off limits.

Still, he overheard her announcement to his wife and is just as excited. “Anything you need, just ask for it.”

“Thank you, Hassim.” 

He hugs her, and for a moment, Alexis doesn’t want him to let go. But of course, he’s just being polite.

As her belly grows, Alexis is put on maternity leave. She’s bored, she has no chance for promotion, and everything hurts. 

The only thing she really can do right now is practice her magic, so that’s exactly what she does. She’s by no means a master of her craft, but if her baby is born a witch she’ll have to be good enough to instruct her child. 

When the baby pains hit, she’s completely shocked and unprepared. Why the heck are babies a cause for celebration when it feels like she’s being torn apart? 

A few hours later, she returns from the hospital with a brand new baby boy, Blaine Love. 

Alexis wasn’t expecting to be a mother so soon, and the labour was terrible, but she’s in love with her son. Now that she can hold him, she doesn’t regret a thing. 

Amaya and Hassim’s attempts for a child have finally worked. She’s pregnant!

“Congratulations!” Alexis smiles. “I’m so happy for you both!”

She can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy as she feels Amaya’s growing baby bump. She loves Blaine, but she does wish she didn’t have to be raising him alone. 

Not that she’s really alone. True to their word, Hassim and Amaya are always willing to babysit him while she’s out running errands or trying to convince her boss to let her come back to work early.

On some errands, she does take Blaine with her. There are always comments on his blue skin and bright eyes, but everyone loves him just as much as his mother does. He’s a very special little boy. 

And when his birthday comes, Alexis throws yet another party just for him.

The girl with the bright hair and wings is Rose, one of Alexis’ co-workers. She’s been a fairy her whole life and was born with wings that sparkled. 

Blaine has no wings, so Alexis is finally certain that he isn’t a fairy like his mother was. But he also hasn’t shown much promise for magic, so who knows what he is. 

(Watcher’s guess: Jack Frost. Obviously. Look at him! <3)

The party ends early, much earlier than her last party did, but she has a young son to take care of now (Plus this party might have been for the free food than for the company of friends if she’s being honest).

A playdate between Zinna and Blaine goes well, even if the two toddlers refuse to so much as look at each other. Rivalry starts young, apparently.

Zinna hasn’t shown any affinity for magic, but Amaya assures Alexis that sometimes the signs don’t show until they become teenagers.

So Alexis keeps practicing. Just in case her son does turn out to be a witch.

“You’re quite skilled at that.” Hassim comments.

Alexis giggles like a child, putting her wand away as he walks towards her. “Don’t be silly! I’m still a beginner. Amaya must be truly brilliant at magic.”

“Not as brilliant as I let her believe she is.” He answers quite seriously. “I have been a free genie for years before I met her, but I still wish to see my mistress happy. So I lend her my magic when she does her spells, but I do not want her training our daughter in magic. Would you be willing to be her instructor if she gains an affinity for magic?”

“I can do that.” Alexis answers with a sly smile. If anything, it will give her more time to be around Hassim. There’s a look in his eye that is more flirty than friendly, and maybe... maybe this isn’t a bad idea.

And maybe one day she can give her son a normal family. He’d like that, she thinks.


As far as Alexis's powers go, I'm goanna be portraying her as an average witch. She wasn't born with unforseen amazing OH-EM-GEE power, and she wasn't born with nothing. She's normal, and to get better she has to practice.

... And she totally just gave birth to Jack Frost.


  1. Good god!He IS Jack Frost. Wow. What were the chances of that happening?

    1. I have NO idea! I mean, he has all of his fairy mother's colouring, but his features lean more towards Alexis (I think). Usually I hate lesbian relationships that have a genetic boy (Girls have XX! WHERE DID THE Y COME FROM?) , but in this case I'm SO happy she had a boy! He's gorgeous <3

  2. I squeed when I saw you had a new chapter up.
    Lol at Jack Frost. Just don't hurt me when I say I kinda think he's cuter than Gem.
    Oh, Alexis! The husband of your only friend in town is not a good person to crush on. *facepalm

    1. You know what's worse? Amaya is her land lady too! Alexis really isn't thinking this through.

      Also: BLASPHEMY! No one can be cute than Gem! When you googled "cute" on google you know whose picture would always fill up the top spots? Gem!

  3. Jack Frost---how funny. I just watched that movie Rise of the Guardians with my kids---and he even resembles the movie character Jack Frost! :) What a cutie!

    1. He really does!

      I'm honestly pretty in love with him right now. Dunno how to feel right now since I didn't want to have him in the running for being my heir.

  4. Yes, Alexis, brilliant idea to spend loads of time around your only friend's husband, who you have a HUGE crush on, and has started flirting with you...
    This can't end well...

    Anyway. DAMN! You should've totally changed his name to Jack as soon as you realised! None of us would've known, and it would've been so cool!
    He is ssooo cute though :)

    You've inspired me to throw a random skintone into the mix in my legacy and see what happens.

    1. I did consider changing Blaine's name, but I liked his current name. I have a personality already in mind for him, and I think his name fits it well.

      I really wasn't planning on having the random skintone in my legacy since I wasn't planning on letting women have children by other women (without it being planned and medically worked for), and was just letting Alexis have some fun on the side. Then risky killed me.

      I guess maybe my NRAAS mods know what they're doing.

  5. Oh, I love how Blaine looks so much like Jack Frost! He's an adorable toddler :)

    Given that he's the child of a fairy and a witch I think you can just go for magic as the reason two women managed to have a baby boy - maybe fairies have entirely different chromosomes and genetic make up to us... (oh my, I've just had some awesome ideas to play with...)

    1. Lol I already explained the two girls having a baby thing. (Admittedly, in one line). Witches can conceive by woo-hoo with anyone, male or female. Maybe when Blaine is older I'll have Alexis give him the talk of where babies come from. Just to scar the poor kid.

  6. Wuh-oh! I hope Alexis doesn't let her feelings for Hassim betray her friendship with Amaya! Even if Hassim IS really pretty...

    1. Hassim is really pretty, yes. : ) But its always the pretty ones you have to watch out for.

  7. I read this a couple of days ago on my phone and now it's time to comment! :) I too think Alexis better watch her feelings towards Hassim, it would be sad if she ruined the friendship with Amaya. :(

    That being said, I'm starting to have some guesses to some of your rolls. ^^

    1. If Alexis pursues Hassim, it will definitely put a stake in her friendship with Amaya.

      I'd love to hear your guesses!

  8. So cute! I want him...

    Hmmmm Hassim seems like a trouble maker. I hope he gets in trouble for hitting on other ladies. Oh and Alexis should get in trouble too xD

  9. Alexis and Hassim....I smell trouble that only you could be behind. I agree with you and the others...Blaine does indeed look like Jack Frost.