Friday, April 19, 2013

1.03 - The Good Life

Work calls Alexis in early from her maternity leave. Before her son had been born, she would have jumped at the chance to make more money, but now? 

“Rose, Blaine is still so young! He needs me to be home with him. Besides, I’m still so new, how much help can I really be?”

Rose has to bring out the big guns and offer her a promotion before Alexis will return to work, but return early she does. And Blaine is left home with a babysitter during the day. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to mind. Manny is fun!

After work, Alexis generally takes Blaine over to the Leone house for a play date with Zinna.

Zinna hasn’t shown any affinity for magic like Blaine has. (Alexis got quite a frantic call from Manny on her second work shift when her son made his toy car disappear for the first time), but Hassim claims he can see these things, and that she’s definitely a witch like her mother.

Heh... mother. Alexis has tried to keep her relationship with Hassim distant but he’s always there, holding her hand just a moment too long, smiling and laughing at her jokes, and always caring for her son. If they ever took things a step farther, Zinna could one day be her step daughter. 

It would be nice to have a daughter.

A wrench in Alexis’ perfect world could be the birth of August Leone, Hassim and Amaya’s new baby boy. If anything, Hassim would stay with Amaya for their children.

But Hassim never looks happy with Amaya. More and more often, Alexis has been running into him looking gloomy or downright depressed. 

A quick sunlight charm always works wonders.

“I don’t like seeing you so down.” She flirts after Hassim thanks her. “Smile for me, and I’ll be happy.”

With the new promotion, Alexis finally has the money to spoil her son. 

She buys him every baby book in stock as well as some more toys, but Blaine automatically goes back to his favourite block table instead.

Kids. Geeze.

With the close of a new season, Alexis throws another party, this time a costume party to celebrate Spooky Day. 

Some costumes are strange and frightening.

Others are... just strange. Oh Hassim, what were you thinking?

Alexis gets a little too into character when she starts interviewing her guests about their recent activities. Luckily, her friends all think she’s just in character, and the information she’s getting is helping her finish the reports she’s behind in for work. Win-win!

Its no surprise when little Blaine wins best costume. He’s just soooo cute!

The party wraps up early so the families can get their own children ready for trick or treating. Blaine’s too young for that, so he and Alexis spend the rest of the evening dancing and learning to walk. 

Its a good life.

During work one evening, Alexis meets another cop from Bridgeport. He’s in deep cover right now working for a big mafia family. Obviously its too dangerous for him to report to the BPD so when he needed to make a report his handler sent him to Alexis while he was passing by Monte Vista to make his report.

Alexis casts a charm over them both so no one will find it suspicious that a new road hand is talking to a uniformed officer, but “James” doesn’t notice. The charm affects him as well, apparently.

He’s a cutie pie, but Alexis is too infatuated with Hassim to care. So the time they spend together is completely professional and businesslike. 

Blaine can see through the charm. Not that it does him any good or harm. All he really notices at his age is that his favourite sheepie stuffie just went poof!

Luckily his mommy already taught him how to bring his toys back when he accidentally sends them away. He’s a gifted little magic user, and momma couldn’t be more proud.

The next time Alex sees Hassim he’s at her door in the early morning. Its below zero and been snowing since the evening, so she doesn’t think twice about inviting him in before he freezes to death.

At first, he won’t tell her what’s wrong. Just shrugging his shoulders and looking straight forwards as she asks why he isn’t at home with his wife and children. 

Eventually they fall into an uncomfortable silence, and thats when he manages to finally speak.

“She thinks I’m sleeping with you.”

Oh. “Well... what’s incorrect.”

“To be honest, I wish it weren’t.” 

In one fluid motion, he has his arm around her shoulders, scooching up closer. With a soft smile, she just leans back against his chest. “I’m glad to know you feel the same way, Hassim, but I just don’t think I can help you cheat on Amaya. She’s my friend.”

“You’d truly deny me? I know you have feelings for me, Alexis. I saw it in your eyes the first day we met, and I’m tired of pretending I don’t feel the same for you.”

She had a few more protests on her lips but they’re silenced as soon as he kisses her. 

She can’t deny the feelings his lips give her, the absolute pleasure of his hands on her body.

He’s right, of course. She wants him. And he wants her too.

She breaks away momentarily.

Her son is fast asleep in his crib, and the night air is cold and lonely. She makes her decision quickly

“Join me in bed?”


I gave somebody heck today because I disliked the direction their story was going and felt entitled enough to bitch about it. She took it very well and was very quick to ask how life was going and when my next chapter would be up.

I then realized my own characters are just as bad and make despicable decisions. I have been out of this for too long. Curse my friends for buying me minecraft. 

But yeah. Alexis full roll should be clear within a chapter or two. Big thanks to Spladoum for her awesome poses. I can't actually link to the pose I used in this chapter (adult only site) but here's her MTS profile for the... none of you who haven't heard of her.