Saturday, May 18, 2013

1.06 - Die Young

With an advancement from work and some loans from friends who took pity, Alexis manages to buy a run down little shack on the outskirts of town. 

Its cramped, its dirty, half the lights don’t work, but it has interior heating and three bedrooms. And thats all she needs. Its a roof over the head of her children, and away from the memories of Hassim and Amaya. She can move on now.

She isn’t quite due yet, but as soon as the last box is unpacked she feels the first of her labour pains. Lovely timing, kiddo.

Late in the night, she brings home twin babies, Bayrose and Beacan.

Blaine didn’t know his new siblings would be twins, but the news makes him happy. He looks forward to being a big brother. 

Alexis was looking forward to holding her new children, but once they’re home she feels nothing. So joy, and no sadness. Just numb. She goes through the motions, feeding them and holding them like she did with Blaine. But with Blaine she felt an immense joy every time he smiled at her. Some nights she loved nothing more than to watch him falling asleep, but all her twins do is cry and scream. She doesn’t feel angry, but she feels nothing for them either.

The worst part is how one twin seems to scream the loudest whenever she’s holding the other. It’s as if they can feel when her attention is on the other and hate her for it. 

“Bayrose please, I’ll give you your bottle in just a second! Please stop crying! You’re going to wake Blaine up!”

She doesn’t want to think that her feelings towards her babies is influenced by the identity of their father, but maybe... Bayrose has his bright green eyes, and Beacan has his dark skin. Every time she looks at them she has no choice but to think of Hassim, and the time they spent together.

The twins were born on the eve of Snowflake Day, so even with the long night taking care of them, Alexis has a party to host, and an eldest son to hug.

Blaine was more than happy to consider the new babies as his Snowflake day gift, but Alexis surprises him with a new mini-stove. She wasn’t expecting a bonus this year since she’s still so low in the company, but maybe they took pity on her situation. Either way, she woke up this morning to a 600 simoleon bonus, enough to fix the rest of the electricity in the house and get her son a gift. 

Snowflake Day is generally a day for family, so only two guests arrive for Alexis’ party. Jane was Alexis’ old partner, who left the force upon her marriage and is now expecting their baby. She’d be with her husband today, but word on the street is they’re having a fight.

She doesn’t want to talk about it.

Eduardo GilsCarbo is Alexis’ current partner. He’s a sweet man, if a little awkward. He isn’t at home following his divorce from his wife Carlotta. 

Blaine knows Eduardo’s son from school. The kid’s a weirdo, even by Blaine’s standards. Now he knows where the poor boy gets it from.

Surprisingly enough though, Eduardo does seem to know the proper way to pick up a baby, and even offers to give the twins their bottles while Alexis is organizing the gifts. 

Blaine gets two interesting looking dolls, while the twins don’t get any gifts. Deciding his new mini-stove is enough, he stops by his siblings’ nursery after the party to present them with the dolls. That way they have something to remember their first Snowflake Day by.

Every good thing Blaine does for his siblings just makes Alexis feel worse. She really should have bought them a doll for Snowflake Day. Or even some nicer wall paper for the nursery. Anything! Instead she just feeds them, changes them, and then heads to bed.

The boy with his mother’s dark purple hair gasps for breath, leaning back against the stone wall in exhaustion. “It’s no use, that fence is made out of enchanted steel or something. I can’t break it.”

“So then we’re trapped.” The girl next to him answers.

“Looks like.”

The girls sniffles, trying to hold back tears and with a groan of effort, the boy moves to kneel in front of her. “Hey now, Rose. No more crying. That won’t help any.”

“Nothing’ll help, Beacan.” She points out flatly. “Mom doesn’t care, she won’t find us. And Blaine’s too busy putting his girlfriend back together. No one is even going to notice we’re gone. We’re going to rot here and die unless he decides to let us out.”

“-I’m- not going to let you die.” Beacan smiles. “And neither will our mom, or Blaine. They love us, and they’ll find us.”

She looks away from him, obviously not believing him. “And if they don’t find us?”

“Then we’ve still got each other’s backs. We always do.”

It’s 2 in the morning when Blaine wakes up from his nightmare. He heads straight to his siblings’ room, walking back and forth in front of their cribs, reaching through the bars to hold his little sister’s hand and looking at the little tufts of purple on his little brother’s head. This was another vision, and its something he isn’t going to be able to stop. His siblings are going to be in danger one day, and he won’t be able to help them.

He can’t get back to sleep, so instead he ventures out into the cold night... and starts building.

By morning, he’s made quite the army.


Poor Blaine. : ( 

But hey, Bayrose and Beacan are quite the lookers, eh?

Monday, May 13, 2013

1.05 - Apologize

The cold doesn’t really get to Blaine like it does to the other kids at school, or to his mom. Yes he can feel it, but it doesn’t make his toes numb and it doesn’t make him sick. He likes the cold, and he loves playing in the thick snow from dawn until dusk.

He also likes to keep his days busy, because his nights are always the same. He can’t sleep through one entire night without waking up from a nightmare. On the lucky nights, he can’t remember what he sees and can fall right back asleep. Other nights, like tonight, he remembers what he dreamt and he doesn’t like it.

Alexis has long days at work, and Hassim takes up whatever free time she doesn’t spend with her son. But even then she’s aware of Blaine’s nightmares, and they worry her. 

She leaves the bedroom they share not long after he does, and joins him on the couch. But before she can ask him how he’s doing, he breaks the silence.

“Please don’t tell Mr. Leone about the baby.”

“Baby?” She couldn’t have heard him right. “Blaine, what are you talking about? I’m not having another baby.”

“Yes you are.” He states. “And if you tell Mr. Leone, bad stuff is goanna happen. And you’re going to be sad. And I don’t want you to be sad, mommy.”

Alexis feels her stomach drop. She’s already determined that her son must have gained some kind of precognitive sight, as it isn’t unheard of for some witches to have the sight. But she’s never heard of a witch her son’s age developing it, and the increasing severity of what he’s seen worries her. 

“Sweetheart, emotions are just another part of sim life. No one can be happy all the time, not you, and not me. If you saw something bad, I appreciate the warning, but its still going to happen. The sight never lies.”

“So you’re not mad at me?” He wonders. 

She sighs and stands up, pulling him in for a hug. “I’m not mad at you. I could never be mad at you. Now come on, lets get you back to bed.”

They can’t afford many books, so all the ones Alexis is willing to buy need to be educational and dull. But Blaine doesn’t mind reading logic 101 as long as his mom is the one reading it to him.

That night, Alexis dreams of babies, and what Blaine’s vision will mean for her future. Its not that she doesn’t want another child, it would be good for Blaine to have a younger sibling, but she didn’t need him to have a vision to know that this will lead to some changes in her relationship with Hassim.

She starts showing the next afternoon, right before work ends and gets sent home on maternity leave. 

When some sims are presented with a vision, they’ll do anything to change it. But Alexis knows that she has no choice but to tell Hassim. He’d find out sooner or later anyway.

He arrives within a few minutes, rushing out the door as soon as he can be sure his son is out for a nap. 

“I can’t say this is... entirely unexpected.” He begins cautiously, eying her belly. “There was always a chance contraception would fail at least once.”

Alexis swallows nervously. “Are you mad?”

“How could I be mad?” He asks, smiling to himself as he places a hand on her stomach. “Every child is a miracle, and I look forward to meeting the fruit of our love, my love. I just hope they look like you.”


“You live next door to my wife, my love. If our child looks like me there may be awkward questions asked that neither of us would like to answer.”

A part of her always knew he wouldn’t leave his wife, but hearing him plan to keep the lie on going really cuts at her. She knows now why Blaine asked her not to tell Hassim about the baby, but she also knows what she has to do.

“Hassim, I’m done hiding from Amaya. Either you’re telling her or I am.”

He stands straight up abruptly, face suddenly serious again. “Why would you do that? I thought you loved me.”

“I do love you!” She assures him. “I’ve loved you so much almost since the day we met, but I can’t go through with raising your child next door to your wife when she’s my best friend. I can’t keep betraying her like this.”

“You were fine with it last night, what happened?”

“Last night I had hope one day you might leave her and marry me. That we might some day be a family and I’d be able to forget how much I hurt my only friend. But now? I can’t, Hassim, I just can’t.”

“I really thought you were better than this, Alexis.” He growls angrily. “Fine. I’ll tell my wife tonight that she was right and we’ve been having an affair. Enjoy life on the streets, because you know Amaya won’t allow you to stay here any longer. And I really don’t fell like fighting for you now that you’re told me your true feelings towards me.”

Alexis hadn’t meant for him to believe she didn’t love him. She did, she does... but its too late now. But surely she did the right thing... right?

During the day, Blaine is a normal boy who enjoys normal things. His mom can’t afford to buy him many toys, but the library is right by his school so he tends to run over there the evenings he doesn’t have scouts to use their public educational toys. 

Blaine knows his mom told Mr. Leone about the baby already, and that bad stuff is happening, but he didn’t know the bad stuff would effect him too. It almost breaks him heart when Zinna calls him in tears, saying that her mom won’t let her hang out with him anymore.

Imagine Blaine’s surprise when Zinna shows up at his house not 20 minutes after hanging up the phone.

“I thought your mom said you couldn’t come over anymore.”

“I know.” Zinna answers with a sly smile. “So?”

He laughs and pulls her in for a hug, happy that at least for the moment everything is happy and good. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“I have to go soon.” She states as she pulls away. “But I’m here now, and I’ll be here again. We’re besties, Blaine. No one can change that.”

Blaine isn’t so sure about that, but Zinna is older. Maybe she knows something he doesn’t. Or maybe this is all just from a dream he can’t remember.

As Zinna and Blaine head out through the back door to play in the snow, Amaya enters through the front.

Alexis meets her outside of her suite, blocking her view of the backyard where the kids are playing. There’s no way Zinna is here with permission from her mom, and Alexis has caused enough damage to that family already. 

“Evening, Amaya. How are you?”

“As good as I can be considering I just found out my best friend has been fucking my husband behind my back! Alex, how the fuck could you? I thought we were friends! We practically raised our children together!”

Alexis opens her mouth to speak, but Amaya cuts her off immediately. 

“No, you don’t get to talk. It’s my turn. I want you and your son out of here by tomorrow night. I’m sorry to do this to the poor boy, but I can’t have my husband’s mistress living next door. Go quietly or I’ll call the cops.”

She saw this coming, but only a day? How is she going to find a place to live in only a day? And during the winter holiday as well!

“There’s no need to call the cops, Amaya. I’ll leave quietly. I’m... I’m sorry.”


A lil late, Alexis. Just saying. 

I'm contemplating an heir vote for generation 2. Eventually.

Friday, May 3, 2013

1.04 - Coincidence

Hassim left early the next morning, shortly before Alexis had to leave for work. She spends the full day thinking about him, about what they did, hoping to see him again soon so they can talk. Maybe sort things out.

Fortunately, he’s waiting for her out in the rain when she returns home from work.

“Hey.” She greets with a smile. “I wasn’t sure you’d want to see me again after last night.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to see you?” He seems honestly confused for a moment before continuing on with what he came here to say in the first place. “Anyway, I wanted to tell you that Amaya apologized for believing the worst from us. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her about our affair, but I do want to be a good father to my children. We should stop this.”

“I agree completely.” She assures him. “Amaya is a good friend, and I don’t want to step in the middle of something. Especially since you two are having problems right now. Can we still be friends though?”

He goes to hug her, to assure her they can remain friends, but both move their heads the same way and meet in the middle.

She’s pretty sure she initiated the kiss this time.

“Lets uh... let’s get you out of the rain, okay?”

From then on, their days together have a very familiar pattern. Sometimes, Hassim stays over. And they go about their day as a happy couple, even showering together.

When Alexis’ radio breaks, Hassim fixes it with his magic and then teaches her how to slow dance.

Hassim can’t stay every night, sometimes he can’t even visit for a little bit. But whenever he stops by he always leaves with a smile on his face. And half the time they don’t even have woo-hoo. 

Things get a little awkward when they run into each other in public. Specifically when Hassim is out with his children and Alexis is out with Blaine.

Little Zinna has become a child recently. She’s alright looking. 

She doesn’t even notice her dad talking to their neighbor, Miss Love. She sees the lady all the time anyway since her daddy wants her to practice her magic. 

Unfortunately for little Zinna, she doesn’t like being a witch. Her mom got her a cat familiar for her birthday, and all Mittens does is attack her and make her sneeze!

Zinna Leone: Worst witch ever.

Alexis isn’t the worst witch ever. She’s actually getting pretty good. The next time her sink breaks she doesn’t even need to call Hassim to fix it. She actually manages it on her own!

“Zinna seems to like you.” Hassim points out one evening while they’re playing chess. “How do you feel about her?”

“I think she’s absolutely adorable.” Alexis answers, focused on the board. “As far as her magic goes, I think we’ll need to wait until she’s a bit older to really start any lessons with her, but I look forward to them.”

He was actually asking in reference to Zinna becoming her daughter someday, but decides against going further down that train of thought. He hasn’t even figured out how to tell Amaya he wants a divorce. Her reaction will be worse the longer he waits, he knows, but he just can’t do it.

Blaine’s birthday marks the first day of winter, and the first snowfall of the year. Alexis doesn’t really notice the strange coincidence. They celebrate alone. In their sleep wear.

Blaine becomes a child.

The first snow fall doesn’t last long, but its enough to coat the ground. So of course Blaine wants to go outside an play in it. Alexis only agrees to let him go out when she spots Zinna already in the garden between their houses. 

As toddlers they never really interacted much, but they’ve still been neighbors since his birth. And Zinna is the closest thing he has to a friend to ask for advice about school and what not.

It also helps that she’s a witch like him. She has to know more than he does.

“Do you ever get dreams that come true?”

“Dreams that come true?” She repeats, looking at him curiously. “What do you mean?”

“I knew it would snow on my birthday and that you would be out here waiting to play before I woke up this morning.”

“It was just a dream, silly.” She laughs. “Your mom probably had the weather report on and I’m always out here. You’re so weird.”

“Yeah I guess...”

They’re just kids. The issue gets forgotten quickly once they start playing in the snow.


I was goanna make this chapter longer but then my game crashed for the third time and I was just like "fuck it all. I just want something I can put up that moves the story along." 

<3 Blaine. And Zinna's a cutie too.