Friday, May 3, 2013

1.04 - Coincidence

Hassim left early the next morning, shortly before Alexis had to leave for work. She spends the full day thinking about him, about what they did, hoping to see him again soon so they can talk. Maybe sort things out.

Fortunately, he’s waiting for her out in the rain when she returns home from work.

“Hey.” She greets with a smile. “I wasn’t sure you’d want to see me again after last night.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to see you?” He seems honestly confused for a moment before continuing on with what he came here to say in the first place. “Anyway, I wanted to tell you that Amaya apologized for believing the worst from us. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her about our affair, but I do want to be a good father to my children. We should stop this.”

“I agree completely.” She assures him. “Amaya is a good friend, and I don’t want to step in the middle of something. Especially since you two are having problems right now. Can we still be friends though?”

He goes to hug her, to assure her they can remain friends, but both move their heads the same way and meet in the middle.

She’s pretty sure she initiated the kiss this time.

“Lets uh... let’s get you out of the rain, okay?”

From then on, their days together have a very familiar pattern. Sometimes, Hassim stays over. And they go about their day as a happy couple, even showering together.

When Alexis’ radio breaks, Hassim fixes it with his magic and then teaches her how to slow dance.

Hassim can’t stay every night, sometimes he can’t even visit for a little bit. But whenever he stops by he always leaves with a smile on his face. And half the time they don’t even have woo-hoo. 

Things get a little awkward when they run into each other in public. Specifically when Hassim is out with his children and Alexis is out with Blaine.

Little Zinna has become a child recently. She’s alright looking. 

She doesn’t even notice her dad talking to their neighbor, Miss Love. She sees the lady all the time anyway since her daddy wants her to practice her magic. 

Unfortunately for little Zinna, she doesn’t like being a witch. Her mom got her a cat familiar for her birthday, and all Mittens does is attack her and make her sneeze!

Zinna Leone: Worst witch ever.

Alexis isn’t the worst witch ever. She’s actually getting pretty good. The next time her sink breaks she doesn’t even need to call Hassim to fix it. She actually manages it on her own!

“Zinna seems to like you.” Hassim points out one evening while they’re playing chess. “How do you feel about her?”

“I think she’s absolutely adorable.” Alexis answers, focused on the board. “As far as her magic goes, I think we’ll need to wait until she’s a bit older to really start any lessons with her, but I look forward to them.”

He was actually asking in reference to Zinna becoming her daughter someday, but decides against going further down that train of thought. He hasn’t even figured out how to tell Amaya he wants a divorce. Her reaction will be worse the longer he waits, he knows, but he just can’t do it.

Blaine’s birthday marks the first day of winter, and the first snowfall of the year. Alexis doesn’t really notice the strange coincidence. They celebrate alone. In their sleep wear.

Blaine becomes a child.

The first snow fall doesn’t last long, but its enough to coat the ground. So of course Blaine wants to go outside an play in it. Alexis only agrees to let him go out when she spots Zinna already in the garden between their houses. 

As toddlers they never really interacted much, but they’ve still been neighbors since his birth. And Zinna is the closest thing he has to a friend to ask for advice about school and what not.

It also helps that she’s a witch like him. She has to know more than he does.

“Do you ever get dreams that come true?”

“Dreams that come true?” She repeats, looking at him curiously. “What do you mean?”

“I knew it would snow on my birthday and that you would be out here waiting to play before I woke up this morning.”

“It was just a dream, silly.” She laughs. “Your mom probably had the weather report on and I’m always out here. You’re so weird.”

“Yeah I guess...”

They’re just kids. The issue gets forgotten quickly once they start playing in the snow.


I was goanna make this chapter longer but then my game crashed for the third time and I was just like "fuck it all. I just want something I can put up that moves the story along." 

<3 Blaine. And Zinna's a cutie too.


  1. Blaine is far too cute for a sim kid! Geez! And I see he has a gift of sight? or was Zinna right?

    Oof, Hassim is in deep here! And it kind of seems that Alexis is moving on just a bit. Fixing her own sink instead of calling him? Not getting his question about Zinna? (though it was a bit vague) Seems like they're playing with fire though, no matter what.

    1. Blaine is a special boy. : ) Maybe he has the sight, maybe that was a red herring and he's special in another day.

      Alexis would love to have a man in her life and raise Zinna and August (Hassim and Amaya's son) as her own, but she's not one to rely on someone else. I saw her fixing her sink on her own as just something she'd prefer to do than have to wait on a repairman or her boyfriend.

  2. Aaaand...onwards with the bad decision making, lol :P Well, at least they are consistent!

    I felt bad for poor Zinna, she's allergic to her cat, it keeps attacking her, and she's not interested in using magic. That could create some problems between her and her father as she gets older.

    Blaine is so cute! And he might have some special powers, hmmm...

    1. Zinna is a really fun character who just writes herself. I wish I could include her more, even make her and Blaine my heirs which I WOULD do... if this wasn't a random legacy. My Gen 2 roll is terrible, so I can't do that to them. I love my lil witchlings too much. <3

  3. Blaine <3

    Love that... Uh... I mean...
    I can't believe that Hassim would keep stringing two girls along like that. It's so wrong of him and he needs to let them both know where they stand. Alex doesn't seem to mind, but what would Amaya say/do if she found all this out?!

    1. I'm sure we'll find out what Amaya has to say sooner or later. It's tough to keep secrets when you're banging your next door neighbor's husband.

  4. Blaine is adorable, and I loved the way he "knew" it would snow & Zinna would be out there.

    I don't like where things are headed with Hassim and Alex, I can see things blowing up in a big way at some point in the future.

  5. Nothing good will come of this. NOTHING. I'm excited for the explosion... :D

  6. I'm also waiting for this to all blow up in their faces. Blaine is so adorable! I can't wait to see what he looks like all grown up.