Thursday, June 13, 2013

1.07 - Leaving on a Jet Plane

Bayrose and Beacan become toddlers. Bayrose inherits her mother’s hair and father’s eyes. 

Beacan takes more after their mother inheriting her eyes as well as her hair, and only has his father’s skin colour. 

Most of the time they’re good kids. But they definitely have their moments. Both can be very demanding, and have quite the lungs. Blaine’s been rudely awakened more than once by their wails.

Still, he is sure to never complain about them to their mother. He still hasn’t completely understood his vision of his siblings’ kidnapping, but if there’s one thing he knows he can change its the perception his siblings will someday have of their mother. She’s a good mother, she can’t hate them.

So far, it seems to be working. The twins are always so excited to spend time with their mother. And Alexis, at least on the surface, seemed truly happy to spend time with her children. 

Perhaps looking at them was becoming easier, or perhaps their own personalities were winning her over. Beacan was silly and sweet, and Bayrose was always eager to please. Neither picked up their skills as quickly as Blaine had, but they were still very fast learners.

For that, Alexis was happy. She needed her babies to be sponges of knowledge if they were going to get by without her. Not that she wanted them to be without her, but it looked like she wasn’t going to be having a choice.

Someone in Bridgeport, a nameless but numbered special agent, had requested her by name for a mission infiltrating the local gang. Alexis could have said no but the money... oh the money. Her family was down to their last 100 simoleons and the incoming bills were twice that amount. If she joined the cloak and dagger types for this mission than her family would be set for a long time. She needed to go, no matter the risks. But she wouldn’t be able to leave her children completely alone.

Hassim agrees to meet with her the same night she learns about the mission. He isn’t happy, but perhaps its the allure of meeting his children for the first time that brings him. 

“How long will you be gone for?”

“I could be back tomorrow. Or it could be longer.” She says with a shrug. “All I know is I’ll be back for the twins birthday. Which... you would be invited to, of course.”


“So you’ll help Blaine watch them?”

“Of course.” He promises. “They’re my children too, like it or not.”

The morning of Blaine’s birthday he wakes up rested and refreshed. He hasn’t had any visions since the night he saw his siblings as teens, and the arrival of spring has left him feeling so happy. 

The only down side of the day thus far has been when Zinna called to say she couldn’t make it to his birthday party. She grew up a few days earlier and just got a call from a hunk at school asking her out on a date. 

“You understand, don’t you Blaine? Or well, you will when you’ve grown up. I’ll see you at school though!”

Girls. Yeesh.

His birthday proceeds as usual, and Alexis even splurges on a birthday cake.

His only wish is for his sight to really be gone. He’s been sleeping so well ever since his visions ended.

W-winter...? (Okay not really. But the hair and skin tone made me do a double take).

Okay. That’s better.

Alexis will be leaving tonight, very, very soon in fact. But first she wants to make sure Blaine will be alright without her. Bayrose is very bright but she is a very light sleeper so make sure Beacan falls asleep first. And speaking of Beacan-”

“He still needs help learning to talk. I know.” Blaine says with a smile. “Don’t worry mom, I know. We’ll be alright without you for a couple of days.”

Alexis knows they’ll be fine, so she goes a different route to get a reaction from her son. “And don’t forget. No parties, no drinking, and Zinna is not allowed to sleep over. I am far too young to be a grandmother.”

Blaine chokes on his cake. “MOM!” 

“I’m only joking dear.” She laughs. “But do behave.”

Within the hour, Alexis is gone in a yellow taxi cab, leaving Blaine alone with the twins. Hassim will be here in the morning to watch the kids while Blaine is at school since his youngest by Amaya is already in elementary school.

Without a word, Blaine picks up his little sister to take her to bed but she stops him before he can move away from the front door. 

“Where’s mama?”

“She had to go to work.” He explains. 

“For how long?”

“A while.” He sighs. “But don’t worry, she’ll be home for your birthday.”

Bayrose pouts sadly and snuggles closer into his jacket. “No. She not.”

Faintly, Blaine wonders if Bayrose has his gift, but she can’t. He remembers her own words from his vision. Those weren’t the words of a girl who never knew her mother. Alexis will be back soon. She has to be.


Bayrose has no extra totally magical cool gifts. That I know of. She's just being melodramatic.

Maybe. : )

The next couple of chapters were inspired by Buckley being cruel and me re-reading the early Avendale generations.