Sunday, August 4, 2013

2.01 - Don't You Worry Child

Its been 10 years since Alexis left for her mission, and for a long time, it didn’t look like she was coming back.

At first, Blaine told himself that it was just a matter of time before she came back. Something had held her back on her mission, is all. She’d be home in time for Bay and Beacan’s birthday just like she promised.

But as the days turned to weeks, it became clear something was wrong. Eventually, her partner, Eduardo Gilscarbo was arrested under suspicion of selling information about her mission to the very people she was sent to spy on, and while no one ever told Blaine what was really going on, he knew it couldn’t be good.

Weeks became months, and while the police force gave Blaine and his siblings money to live, it wasn’t close to enough. In between school and raising them, Blaine had to work part time at the local diner.

The months became years, and Bay and Beacan became children under the watchful eye of their brother. The father and their father’s wife were always around as well, wanting to help but Blaine was always the one they thought of as family. He took care of them, he sacrificed for them, and he never stopped making them feel loved.

Alexis became just a distant memory. One that occasionally made Blaine wake up from nightmares crying, but a memory none the less. At least, until the day she was found.

It was all thanks to a woman named Dora, a woman who happened to see Alexis while working at a mob party, and happened to recognize her as the beautiful young police officer she’d shared a night with almost half a life time ago. She’d alerted the police to Alexis’ whereabouts, and returned home with her when Alexis needed a shoulder to lean on. 

FInding out she had a son was an unexpected twist for her, but while Alexis recovered, Dora learned to be a mother.

Alexis tried to be a good mother to her twins, but she had been gone for so long and gone through so much. She was a stranger to them, and they were strangers to her. And although they both tried, the distance between the three of them grew and grew. 

It wasn’t until Blaine’s dreams became reality once more that things began to change. It happened a day after Zinna ran away from her parents’ home and Blaine was with her at the hospital, trying to convince her to tell the police what happened. 

Hassim came to the house that same night and stole the twins away, hoping to use their magic to free himself and other genies. He’d tried getting rid of Zinna when it was clear her magic wasn’t strong enough, and then he tried getting rid of Beacan when Bay refused to use her magic. Alexis and the police arrived in time to stop him, but much of the mental damage was already done. 

The move to a new city was Dora’s idea. She had a home in Moonlight Falls that she never really lived in. It had three bedrooms, enough room for everyone, even Zinna who hadn’t wanted to join her brother with distant family following their parents’ trial. 

It was s good chance for a new beginning, a chance for Blaine and Zinna to finally live a life without the responsibilities of growing up too soon, a chance for the twins to feel safe and young, and a chance for Alexis to heal.

“Do you think I’ll get the job?” It isn’t the first time he’s asked her, probably won’t be the last time either. “I mean, I know he liked me, but you know I’m not the best at... well... anything.”

“You’re the best at being a boyfriend.” Zinna points out with a smile, taking his hands in hers to give them a reassuring squeeze. “And you’re the best at cooking, and Mr. Nix will see that and give you the job. Don’t be so hard on yourself, babe.”

“I’m so lucky you’re my girlfriend.” He laughs, holding her in an embrace. “I love you, baby.”

His words make her heart beat faster, a blush rising to her cheeks that almost matches her hair. Trust him to always make her feel awkward and silly, like a silly little girl whose crush is finally noticing her. “You’re silly.” 

She doesn’t echo his words back, but he doesn’t care. She never says them.

Sometimes Zinna would prefer not to be living with her boyfriend’s... mothers. But Alexis offered her a place to stay when she left her parents, and Dora is nothing but kind. Still, it is a little awkward to always feel like she’s intruding on something private whenever she comes down the stairs.


Zinna’s own parents were never together because of love. Her mother saw Hassim as a status update, and Hassim saw her mother as the way to get a child with the magic and the blood needed to set him free. It took Zinna far too long to realize just what lay behind her family’s facade, and while the Loves are kind to her, she won’t make another mistake like that any time soon.

Alexis and Dora don’t even notice as Zinna heads out the front door. While they were never quite dating before Blaine was born, now its a completely different story. Dora’s given up her nomadic lifestyle, and Alexis officially left the force just over a year ago. They share a room, and when Alexis wakes up every night screaming, Dora is there to hold her until the exhaustion wins out and she falls asleep again. Life isn’t perfect, but its still there.

By all appearances, Bayrose and Beacan recovered from their ordeal well. Weakly therapy sessions helped, giving them their freedom to change their looks and choose their friends seemed to move them past the hump. Hassim and Amaya were both in prison, and the move was helping them create new memories. Luckily, their school had a pen pal program with Moonlight Falls Secondary, so they already had a few friends in town, although they were only officially meeting them today.

“So you really managed to pick the best time ever to move here.” Sophie speaks up after the introductions are over and an awkward silence has set in. “The big dance is, like, around the corner.” 

Sophie was the one to set up this whole little meeting, so of course she’d be the first to speak up. She wasn’t Bayrose’s pen pal but Bay still knows plenty about her thanks to her actual pen partner, Fawn Goodfellow. Sophie is noisy, rude, self-absorbed and the biggest diva in the school. She has all the boys eating out of the palm of her hand and her mom married the richest man in the city when she was just a baby so she’s always grown up in the lap of luxury. 

But Bay is careful not to judge the girl so harshly. Who knows what kind of a girl Sophie really is. 

“I’m really hoping Gator Wolff will ask me to go.” Sophie continues, not noticing or not caring when no one else jumps into the conversation. “He’s the leader of the rugby team, you know. He’s got the best hair in the class, and oh Watcher wait til you see his freckles. Absolute cutie.” 

“I’m not really into freckles.” Bayrose answers, trying to continue the conversation. “Who else is in our class?”

“Girls, mostly.” Sophie sighs with a roll of her eyes. “Well, we do have Gem, he’s kind of a cutie. Well, really the cutest guy in class but he’s also such a dork.” 

Fawn’s look of panic alerts Bayrose to some kind of underlying tension there, but she chooses not to comment. 

“Alastair was in our class until last year.” Natalia points out after a moment. Her voice has a slight accent to it that neither twin can really place, but in her letters to Beacan she told him that she and her siblings were from a small island in the middle of the Pacific. She and her twins sisters Nicola had moved here with their brother Alastair only a few years ago. But Beacan found her fascinating for more reasons than just her background, of course.

“So uh... who are your hoping to go with, Natalia?” 

“Mmm... I’ve got my eye on this really cute new boy. I’m hoping he’ll take the hint but from what I’ve gathered by talking to him he’s a bit dense. I really doubt he’ll get the hint.”

Beacan groans in annoyance. “I’m not the only new guy in town? Great. I was really hoping that being THE new guy in town would get me in easy with the girls! Dammit!”

“My brother.” Bayrose sighs, facing the other girls. “The idiot in the family.”

“I take offense to that, sister!” Beacan growls, jumping to his feet, wand at the ready. “Have at thee!”

“Oh stop.” Natalia whines, standing up as well. “I was talking about you and you know it. So are you taking me to the dance or not?”

“Huh?” The surprise is evident on Beacan’s face. “Oh! I mean, yeah. You bet. I’d love to take you to the dance.”

“You’re such a dork.”

“But you think dorks are cute, right?”

“Lucky for you.”

How Beacan continually manages to get beautiful girls to fall for him is a mystery Bayrose will never be able to solve. It’s not like he’s cute. Eww! He’s her dorky brother! All she HAS is dorky brothers! Speaking of which, noticing her oldest brother coming out the front door, she waves him over.

“Hello ladies, Beacan.” Blaine greets as he comes over. “Just wanted to tell you all I’m making spaghetti for dinner if you’d like to join us. I don’t mind setting a few extra places at the table.” 

It takes Nicola, Natalia’s twin sister only a few seconds to recognize his voice as the voice of that cute guy she saw at the diner earlier today.

“U-um hi! I’m Nicola. Nicola Riverhaven. We met at the diner, remember? Well, kinda met. We just said hi and then you had to go for an interview. How was that? I mean, Mr. Nix is kind of a grump sometimes but he means well, and he’s been wanting a new cook for a while, but um... I’m rambling, aren’t I.”

“My sister.” Natalia whispers to Beacan. “The idiot. She always goes for the older guys. Is that the older brother you were telling me about?”

“Yeah...” Beacan sighs, watching the train wreck of Nicola trying and failing to get his brother’s attention. “She should know he’s practically engaged to his girlfriend. They’re even living together.”

“Fantastic. How am I goanna break that one to her?”


Heeeey guys. I'm back! Maybe. Game is still acting up like crazy but I was able to do this much so hopefully I can do more. The Gen 2 heir is still up in the air since you lot haven't been able to vote yet, but I'm fixing that right now. 

Click HERE to visit the heir vote page. Honestly I do have a preference for who I want to be heir, but I have plot lines for everyone. Buckley and Heaven have managed to coerce me into giving at least PARTLY happy stories, but thats it. Most of it will still be tragic and/or make you hate the characters. Bay may been making fun of Beacan being the idiot in the family but he really isn't the only one. 

Special thanks to Margaret Pendragon for letting me use her Riverhaven girls (Gosh they're lovely), and to Buckley for the use of her Standpretty Cottage (which is not yet up for download) for some of the pictures.