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2.03 - The Boy is Mine

He didn’t want to talk about it. Waking up to find Zinna gone felt like someone had punched his heart from his chest. He called in sick to work for the first time, refusing to come out of his room or let anyone in. 

The next morning, he finally came down for breakfast, face swollen with tears. 

“Oh my sweet Baby boy...” Dora soothes as she gives her son a comforting hug. “What happened?”

“She left. She went to follow her dreams of being a star and left me behind.”

Dora wishes Zinna where here just so she could punch the girl in the face. Repeatedly. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine.” He sniffs, pulling away. “She’ll be fine without me. Married with a kid within five years. She going to move on, so I guess I have to too.”

Dora’s heart stops. “You saw another vision?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

After the dance, Natalia starts calling Beacan her boyfriend. At first he doesn’t mind, having a hot girlfriend has its own... late night perks if you know what I mean, but it quickly gets old once the rest of the school begins to know him as Natalia’s boyfriend.

“Aren’t you that red-head island chick’s boyfriend?”

He rolls his eyes and groans the second Suraya opens her mouth. She’s a hot girl and he’d love to have some fun with her, but if she keeps mentioning Natalia’s he’s going to get in trouble. 

“Is that what she’s been saying? News to me. Now lets talk about you, beautiful.”

Suraya’s a smart girl. She’s onto his game but she doesn’t mind. With the extreme lack of teenage boys in town, she’s more than happy to enjoy Beacan’s attention while its on her rather than the uppity bitch who hangs off his arm during school hours. 

“Hey you wanna... fool around a bit?”


“There’s a llama right behind us.... or are you worried about what your girlfriend will think?”

Beacan was already going to say yes, but her words helped him come to another important decision.

“Oh my gosh! Can you believe graduation is right around the corner? What do you think of this dress? Nicola’s been going through a fashion splurge lately and made it for me. Green is your favourite colour, right? I wore it just for you!”

“The dress is beautiful, you’re beautiful. Just like always.”

She blushes and moves to say something but he cuts her off. 

“But I don’t think I can be your boyfriend anymore. I don’t love you like you love me and I don’t think I ever can. I’m sorry.”

“No you... you can’t be... are you breaking up with me?”

“I am.”

Her dreams of a marriage and a happy home with beautiful purple haired children breaks around her as the rumours she’s heard of Beacan cheating on her sudden wash over her, only now believed. “I can’t believe you! What did I do wrong?”

“You did nothing wrong.” Becan sighs as she runs out the door. He closes his eyes and counts his breathes, willing himself not to cry. He can’t be like this, he can’t be weak. His sister’s face pops into his mind and his resolve finally strengthens. He couldn’t protect her, he has the scars to prove he tried. How could he possibly risk falling in love and not being able to protect that person too? He’s a failure, and one day Natalia will see that, and she will be happy they broke up. Everything will be okay in the end, he knows it.

“Fawn’s been telling everyone you stole Gem away from her because she wouldn’t sleep with him but you did. Is it true?”

“Hell no! I’m a virgin and Gem’s never even brought up the subject! He’s, like, the perfect gentleman. Besides, I couldn’t have stolen him from her if they were never dating. Watcher, I doubt he even knows she had a crush on him. Gem’s soooo oblivious to everything around him.”

“I bet she thought they were actually dating. Can you imagine? Poor Fawn. Maybe its something to do with her being a wingless fairy? Maybe her brain developed badly or something, i dunno. Or maybe she’s just crazy!”

“Ugh you’re totally right.” Sophie comments with a roll of her eyes. “How ridiculous can she get, right?”

“I bet her parents wish she was adopted. How embarrassing must it be for them to have a child born without any of their fae magic? How rare is that anyway?”

“Probably divine punishment!” Sophie laughs. “What a freak!”

Fawn forgotten, the girls dance for a bit before Sophie notices a familiar classmate on the other side of the lounge. “Oh! Speaking of freaks, I heard from Hasim who heard it from Gator who heard it from the school nurse that Suraya is pregnant! She’s only 17!”

Bay makes a face, disgusted by the notion of having a child as a teenager. “Wow what a slut.”

For a moment, Sophie is silent before finally deciding to just go on and say the last half of her gossip tidbit. “Um. And apparently your brother is the dad.” 

“That’s stupid.” Bayrose growls, glaring at her friend. “Beacan is smarter than that.”

“Yeah. Well, I guess you know him better than I do.”

“Fuck yes I do. Now shut up and lets grab some drinks.”

“For the love of the Watcher, Beacan, tell me you did NOT sleep with Suraya! She’s pregnant and Sophie says half the class thinks you’re the dad and you can NOT have been that fucking stupid!”

“I did sleep with her.” He admits with a scowl. “But the baby isn’t mine. We talked earlier and she says its this older guy’s. Fuck what the town says about us, Bay, we don’t need them. They’re all morons.”

“You’re a moron.” She growls, pulling him in for a hug. “But you’re my moron. Be more careful, will you?”

“You too, little sister, you too. I like Gem, so don’t make me kill him, kay?”

“I hate you sometimes.”

“Love you too, sis.”

“Shut up.”


Probably shouldn't be using my reserves up so quickly but you guys deserve to get what I can give when I've got it. 

Next chapter SHOULD have the twins finally grown up, and Beacan will be around for a bit because fuck the rules. (Seriously, how have I not been forcibly removed from the challenge yet? I love you guys, I really do <3) Also: Story>Rules

Damn I wish Bay was into girls. She and Sophie look GREAT together! D :

Damn Natalia looks good in that dress. Dammit, Beacan! You could have had gorgeous babies together! 

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2.02 - What Now

In her few hundred years of life Dora’s had her own share of lovers. Some lasted a lifetime, others less. But it wasn’t until she saw the strong willed Alex holding onto her sanity at that terrible party all those years ago that she considered the possibility of falling in love. 

For a long time she’d considered herself cursed, too flighty to live among the humans, but too smart to live among the fae. Her fling with Alex hadn’t been meant to be more than just that, even though Dora couldn’t get the image of the beautiful little officer out of her mind for months following that night. 

Finding her again had been a curse and a blessing. A blessing, because Dora had finally found someone to love and who loved her back, but a curse because of what Alex had gone through. Almost every night Alex woke up screaming from the nightmares. The kids had long since learned to sleep through her night terrors but Dora was different. Every night it was her job to hold Alex close and convince her that she was truly safe. No small feat. But it was a job Dora held dear to her heart, no one was more important than family, and Alex and the kids were the only family she had anymore.

“Good morning, my love.” Dora greats as Alexis finally begins to wake up.

“No too early.” Alexis groans, trying to pull the pillow over her head before Dora can pull her over. As always, she’s too slow. “Sorry if I woke you last night.”

“You didn’t.” Dora smiles. “You didn’t have a single nightmare last night.”



“Wow.” Alexis laughs, settling back onto the pillows. “Third night in town and my first in a few years with no nightmares. If that isn’t cause for celebration then what is?”

Always willing to oblige, Dora pushes her lover onto her back. “If its a celebration you want, its a celebration you’ll get. Congratulations on your first night of no nightmares, Alexis.”

“I love you.” Alexis breathes out through their kisses, meaning it with her whole heart. In her youth she’d always been looking for a hero, and now that she’d found her hero she wasn’t about to let her go. 

“I know.” Thankfully, Dora seemed to be quite happy where she was.

“You really don’t have to walk with us, Zinna.” Bayrose mutters when Zinna rushes out the door after the twins to walk them to school. “It’s only a few blocks away.”

“I know, Bay. But I wasn’t doing anything. Besides, the three of us haven’t had any real quality time since moving here! Isn’t there anything you’d like to talk about?”

“I’d rather not talk to you about anything.”

Beacan just sighs as Bayrose makes their half-sister’s smile fade. 

Bayrose doesn’t sugar coat things at all when they arrive at the school. “We’re here in one piece. You can leave now before ruining our chances at having a normal social life forever please and thank you.” 

“Oh um... okay.” Zinna sighs, trying and slowly failing to hold up a fake smile. “I hope you both have a wonderful first day of school. I won’t pick you up after school if you don’t want me to-”

“Thank the Watcher!”

“-but please call your mom if you’re going to be staying out. Don’t make her worry about you anymore than she already does.”

“Thanks for walking us, sis.” Beacan smiles, pulling Zinna in for a hug as Bayrose rolls her eyes and walks into the building with a huff. 

“She blames me, doesn’t she.”

Beacan freezes in his tracks when he hears Zinna’s words. “No she doesn’t. She knows there’s nothing you could have done differently.”

“You’re lying, Beacan.”

“I’m not.”

“I may never be as good a witch as you or your sister or brother but I’ve still got my talents, and I know when someone is lying. I know you both think I could have stopped our father before he hurt you and maybe I could have, but I didn’t and I’m sorry. I was young, and I was scared, and I never for a moment thought he would go after you when I failed. I want you to know how truly sorry I am for everything that happened to you.”

It takes all of Beacan’s strength to keep from crying. Instead he only nods, not knowing or caring if Zinna is watching him, and then walks into the building without another word.

After school Bayrose skips music club and heads to the big park where the local summer festival is being held. A few other teenagers are there, but only one catches her eye, Gem Sari. They had home room together and he offered to show her around the town sometime. 

“Hey!” She catches herself calling out before he can walk past her, successfully getting his attention.

“Oh hey Bayrose, I was hoping you’d be here.”

Instantly she feels a warm flush hit her straight in the face, her voice wavering. “H-huh? Why? I mean, where you looking for me or something? I mean... I don’t know what I mean.”

He laughs at her, not cruelly before taking a step closer. “I was looking for you, yes. I was hoping you’d consider being my date for the dance. Fawn just reminded me it was coming up and I don’t want to go with anyone but you. What do you say?”

A flash of Fawn’s hurt face flashes through Bayrose’s mind, but she quickly pushes it away. “Sure, yeah, I’d love to. Thank you for asking me!”

They kissed. It was nice, but still gross. The first thing Bayrose does when she gets home is brush her teeth. Fawn is calling her but she doesn’t care. Just replace one friendship with another, it isn’t really that big of a deal.

While Bayrose was being asked out to the dance, Zinna’s job search had once again ended with nothing. Unlike Blaine’s dream job of being hired in a kitchen, Zinna’s quest to be hired at the local theatre had been met with rejection. It’s not that she wasn’t good with a guitar, she was great, they just weren’t hiring right now. 

Busking brought in a few tips here and there, but not nearly enough to pay the bills if she and Blaine were to move out to their own place. 

“You’ve got quite some skill there, miss.” A smartly dressed asian man interrupts, bringing Zinna out of her daydream. 

“Oh uh, thank you! My name is Zinna, and you are?”

“Sam Zhu. I represent Chaotic Beats Industries in Bridgeport. I was staying overnight in the hotel here when I decided to go for a walk and I am quite glad I did. Tell me, Zinna, are you signed?”

“Oh! Uh, no.” Zinna giggles, trying to keep the smile off her face. “I’m just an amateur, really. I wouldn’t even know where to start to get a... well, a start.”

“I would be more than happy to help with that, assuming you would be willing to relocate to Bridgeport, that is.”

Instantly Zinna’s face falls. “I don’t know if I can do that... my fiancee and I, I mean my boyfriend. We just moved here and he got hired for his dream job...”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” He sighs, seemingly upset before reaching into his jacket and pulling out a business card to hand to her. “If you change your mind. Our current hiring session will go on for another month tops before we sign our new talents. Think about it.”

She does think about it, she’s still thinking about it when Blaine comes home from work with some exciting news. 

“Hello? Earth to Zinna, are you listening?”

“Yeah sorry. What did you say?”

“I said I got the promotion!” He says with a soft smile. “Did it sink in this time?”

“Oh my gosh, yes! Baby that’s fantastic news! I’m so proud of you!”

She can’t do this to him. She can’t rip him from his family, from his dream.

She loves him too much to make him pick between his dream and hers.

“I don’t have enough for a downpayment on a place for ourselves just yet, but I will soon. We’ll have our own place by the park like you wanted, lots of room for a growing family.”

Thats his dream, not hers. 

And she’s not going to make him give it up. But she also wont let go of her own dreams just to help his come true. He deserves happiness, but so does she.

He’ll find someone new, she reasons as she packs her things. Blaine’s a wonderful man with a wonderful heart, he deserves a life she can’t give him. So she’ll let him go, and go after her own happiness. It’s best for them both. Even if it feels like she’s ripping out her own heart.


I hate announcing things early without being 100% sure of results but I have enough photos from my play session most of the following chapter and I'm quite happy with the results. You won't be, but I am.

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