Thursday, December 19, 2013

2.03 - The Boy is Mine

He didn’t want to talk about it. Waking up to find Zinna gone felt like someone had punched his heart from his chest. He called in sick to work for the first time, refusing to come out of his room or let anyone in. 

The next morning, he finally came down for breakfast, face swollen with tears. 

“Oh my sweet Baby boy...” Dora soothes as she gives her son a comforting hug. “What happened?”

“She left. She went to follow her dreams of being a star and left me behind.”

Dora wishes Zinna where here just so she could punch the girl in the face. Repeatedly. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine.” He sniffs, pulling away. “She’ll be fine without me. Married with a kid within five years. She going to move on, so I guess I have to too.”

Dora’s heart stops. “You saw another vision?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

After the dance, Natalia starts calling Beacan her boyfriend. At first he doesn’t mind, having a hot girlfriend has its own... late night perks if you know what I mean, but it quickly gets old once the rest of the school begins to know him as Natalia’s boyfriend.

“Aren’t you that red-head island chick’s boyfriend?”

He rolls his eyes and groans the second Suraya opens her mouth. She’s a hot girl and he’d love to have some fun with her, but if she keeps mentioning Natalia’s he’s going to get in trouble. 

“Is that what she’s been saying? News to me. Now lets talk about you, beautiful.”

Suraya’s a smart girl. She’s onto his game but she doesn’t mind. With the extreme lack of teenage boys in town, she’s more than happy to enjoy Beacan’s attention while its on her rather than the uppity bitch who hangs off his arm during school hours. 

“Hey you wanna... fool around a bit?”


“There’s a llama right behind us.... or are you worried about what your girlfriend will think?”

Beacan was already going to say yes, but her words helped him come to another important decision.

“Oh my gosh! Can you believe graduation is right around the corner? What do you think of this dress? Nicola’s been going through a fashion splurge lately and made it for me. Green is your favourite colour, right? I wore it just for you!”

“The dress is beautiful, you’re beautiful. Just like always.”

She blushes and moves to say something but he cuts her off. 

“But I don’t think I can be your boyfriend anymore. I don’t love you like you love me and I don’t think I ever can. I’m sorry.”

“No you... you can’t be... are you breaking up with me?”

“I am.”

Her dreams of a marriage and a happy home with beautiful purple haired children breaks around her as the rumours she’s heard of Beacan cheating on her sudden wash over her, only now believed. “I can’t believe you! What did I do wrong?”

“You did nothing wrong.” Becan sighs as she runs out the door. He closes his eyes and counts his breathes, willing himself not to cry. He can’t be like this, he can’t be weak. His sister’s face pops into his mind and his resolve finally strengthens. He couldn’t protect her, he has the scars to prove he tried. How could he possibly risk falling in love and not being able to protect that person too? He’s a failure, and one day Natalia will see that, and she will be happy they broke up. Everything will be okay in the end, he knows it.

“Fawn’s been telling everyone you stole Gem away from her because she wouldn’t sleep with him but you did. Is it true?”

“Hell no! I’m a virgin and Gem’s never even brought up the subject! He’s, like, the perfect gentleman. Besides, I couldn’t have stolen him from her if they were never dating. Watcher, I doubt he even knows she had a crush on him. Gem’s soooo oblivious to everything around him.”

“I bet she thought they were actually dating. Can you imagine? Poor Fawn. Maybe its something to do with her being a wingless fairy? Maybe her brain developed badly or something, i dunno. Or maybe she’s just crazy!”

“Ugh you’re totally right.” Sophie comments with a roll of her eyes. “How ridiculous can she get, right?”

“I bet her parents wish she was adopted. How embarrassing must it be for them to have a child born without any of their fae magic? How rare is that anyway?”

“Probably divine punishment!” Sophie laughs. “What a freak!”

Fawn forgotten, the girls dance for a bit before Sophie notices a familiar classmate on the other side of the lounge. “Oh! Speaking of freaks, I heard from Hasim who heard it from Gator who heard it from the school nurse that Suraya is pregnant! She’s only 17!”

Bay makes a face, disgusted by the notion of having a child as a teenager. “Wow what a slut.”

For a moment, Sophie is silent before finally deciding to just go on and say the last half of her gossip tidbit. “Um. And apparently your brother is the dad.” 

“That’s stupid.” Bayrose growls, glaring at her friend. “Beacan is smarter than that.”

“Yeah. Well, I guess you know him better than I do.”

“Fuck yes I do. Now shut up and lets grab some drinks.”

“For the love of the Watcher, Beacan, tell me you did NOT sleep with Suraya! She’s pregnant and Sophie says half the class thinks you’re the dad and you can NOT have been that fucking stupid!”

“I did sleep with her.” He admits with a scowl. “But the baby isn’t mine. We talked earlier and she says its this older guy’s. Fuck what the town says about us, Bay, we don’t need them. They’re all morons.”

“You’re a moron.” She growls, pulling him in for a hug. “But you’re my moron. Be more careful, will you?”

“You too, little sister, you too. I like Gem, so don’t make me kill him, kay?”

“I hate you sometimes.”

“Love you too, sis.”

“Shut up.”


Probably shouldn't be using my reserves up so quickly but you guys deserve to get what I can give when I've got it. 

Next chapter SHOULD have the twins finally grown up, and Beacan will be around for a bit because fuck the rules. (Seriously, how have I not been forcibly removed from the challenge yet? I love you guys, I really do <3) Also: Story>Rules

Damn I wish Bay was into girls. She and Sophie look GREAT together! D :

Damn Natalia looks good in that dress. Dammit, Beacan! You could have had gorgeous babies together! 


  1. Ok, I'm not liking Bayrose very much - she's a bit of a bitch I'm afraid, but I feel really sorry for Beacan - yes he cheated on his girlfriend, but dumping her because he's afraid that something will happen to her because she's dating him and he won't be able to protect her? That just makes me want to hug him and tell him he's not a failure

    Also feeling very sorry for Blaine - I hope he can get over Zinna and have a good life

    1. Beacan's been through a lot and its going to be a long hard process for him to heal unfortunately. Bay too, she just refuses to acknowledge the pain and instead pushes people away before they could possibly get close.

  2. I'm thinking along the same lines as Ali. Bayrose is just too... Hm, can't find a word. She's not exactly self-obsessed, or selfish, but she's very opinionated and seems to automatically decide everyone else is wrong and she is the only one who can be right.

    Of course, not gunna be put off by her, and I'll still read, but just know I'll be laughing at her when it all goes tits up. HAH! :P

    And Blaine and Beacon need a biiiig hug. :(

    1. "she's very opinionated and seems to automatically decide everyone else is wrong and she is the only one who can be right." So she's a normal teenager? : D

      The boys really do need big hugs.

  3. lol, I can already tell that Bayrose is going to be a fun heir. And wow, Beacon is going to be a daddy (he's fast!), loved Bayrose's reaction to the news. I'm glad that Beacon shows a little more caring about people than his sister does (i.e his reason for breaking things off with his girlfriend) but he obviously has a few issues of his own, or he wouldn't have cheated on said girlfriend!

    It sounds like Zinna is going to be moving on, I hope Blaine is able to do so as well. =)

    1. Bayrose is shaping up to be a lot more fun than I thought she'd be, so I'm enjoying writing her story so far.

  4. I'm not sure I believe Beacon. First he was just "well, there are other hot girls and having an actual girlfriend is a road block". Then, when he broke up with her, it seemed that he was trying to rationalize with his irrational fears.

    I actually don't dislike Bay. I'm not sure I love her but I'm not scrunching my nose at her either.

    1. Beacan did love Natalia to some extent, or he was falling in love with her, so he pushed her away and he rationalized keeping her at a distance in many different ways.

      Bay has really grown on me.

  5. Oof. Lots of revolving relationships this time around. Zinna moving on (albeit through a vision of the future,) Blaine moving on, Beacon breaking up with Natalia in order to build a sturdier wall around himself, and Bayrose even throwing friends under the bus and moving on to other friends. Speaking of, your Sophie is gorgeous! Geez. I'm with you. I bet Bayrose Sophie babies would be breathtaking!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the twins play off of each other. Both so strong, but with so many weak spots.

    1. The twins are their strongest when they're together but they are two separate people so yeah.

      Yeeeaaaaah. Sophie was pretty heavily edited. But in my mind she's the school's most popular girl and even with her money I doubt she'd have been that popular if she wasn't pretty. But then when I started I just couldn't half ass it! : D