Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2.04 - Young Volcanos

“Med school? Seriously, Gem? ... Well yeah, if its what you wanna do then at least try out... Well yeah I’ll miss you, dummy... you sure? ... Whatever! I mean, you don’t even know if you’ll get in yet... you sure this is what you wanna do? .... Yeah okay, I’ll talk to you later... love you too.”

With a sigh, Bayrose hangs up her phone, heading back towards where her brother is. “Hey Beacan? What’s the big deal about med school?” 

He laughs as he picks her up, placing her on his shoulders. “Gem finally found the balls to tell you he was applying? Don’t be so hard on the boy, Bay, if this is something he wants to try then you should support him.”

“He says he’s doing it for me.”

Beacan gives her a strange look. “Is that a bad thing?”

She’s silent for a moment, before leaning back, almost making Beacan fall over. “I don’t need Gem to do anything for me. All I need is you.”

“So you want me to be a doctor now?”

She laughs, shaking her head. “You don’t even know what serious means, do you.”


~1 year later~

“Watcher, Beacan! Do you even know where we’re going?”

Breathe Beacan, don’t kill her. “Of course I do! There’s only one path down to the campfire, dummy!”

“Don’t you call me dummy, you dummy!” Bay growls, messing up her brother’s hair. “We’re going to miss the sunset and it’ll be all your fault!”

Breathe, Beacan. Don’t drop her either. “Well we would’ve made it there already if you hadn’t insisted on me carrying you.”

“Have you not seen the shoes mama-Dora bought me? They’re Gucci. You do not walk in Gucci dear brother.”

“Well soon you’ll be swimming in Gucci, cause as soon as we get to the beach I’m throwing you in.”

Bayrose screeches and jumps off Beacan’s back, running ahead of him as he pretends to chase her. The chase ends abruptly as the twins turn the last corner of the trail and the beachside campfire opens up before them. Everyone’s already there, as expected. 

“Dammit, Beacan! I knew we’d be late!”

Beacan had a few retorts ready for his sister, but they were all silenced as soon as Bianca distracts him. “There you are, boyfriend. I was wondering if you two were ever going to show up!”

“Blame my brat of a twin.” He laughs, motioning towards Bayrose. “All her fault.”

“You always blame her!” Bianca laughs before pulling him in for another kiss.

With a shake of her head, Bayrose passes by the happy couple to walk over to Gem. “Hey babe, sorry about being late. I’m really happy you managed to make it though.”

“Yeah yeah. I told you I’d be here, Bay. And there’s no need to beat around the bush. You can say it and I won’t get mad.”

“Say what?”

“That you’re glad I was too dumb for med school.”

Her face breaks into a grin. “Right! That. I am SO happy that my derpy boyfriend was too derpy for med school. Their decision to deny you admittance will save numerous lives. And they should all be given awards for bravery against turning down the son of the great and terrible Nico Dracule!”

“Hey, no need to drag my dad into this!” Gem laughs, loosing his battle at keeping a straight face. “Anyway, it was probably for the best.”

“Everything that happens, happens for the best.” Bayrose says, repeating Dora’s mantra. “Who knows what doors will open for you by staying here.”

“Well dad did hint at some work in the warehouse...”

“Please tell me you’re kidding.”

“I am joking, love.” He promises, pulling her in for a kiss. 

His lips on hers make her whole body tingle, her legs almost turning into jelly as he pulls her into him. Every part of her wants him right now, all of him, to never let him go. Even when all they can do is watch TV together while they babysit his little sister its better than the days they can’t see each other at all. She won’t call it love, but that’s what her moms called it when she described it to them. 

Once the night really sets in, the campfire is lit, and the newly aged young adults gather around its warmth. 

“So.” Sophie begins, turning towards her best friend. “Where’s Blaine? Didn’t you say he’d join us tonight?”

“He decided to use tonight to move out since Beacan and I would be out of the way and he could actually go through his stuff without us bugging him.”

“He moved out?” Sophie sounds as surprised as the twins felt when they were told the news. “How come?”

Bay shrugs again. “I guess cause dad- me and Beacan’s dad I mean, died in that prison riot last week so he must feel safe enough now to let us go and live his own life. It’s about time, really.”

Gator looks over at Bayrose in shock. “Your dad died in a prison riot? Doesn’t that make you sad?” 

“Nah.” She sighs. “It was such a relief when we found out. No more need to worry about what might happen if he got parole. I’m glad he suffered too.”

“Geeze. What did he do to you?”

Only Sophie and Gem know the full story. Gem because Bay’s brothers told him, and Sophie because Beacan told him the week they tried dating. 

“Gator, we’d really rather not talk about this.” Beacan interrupts before Bayrose can say anything further. “I’d like to forget what happened, if possible.”

“It’s not a story thats ours to tell.” Gem continues after Gator looks over at him with what can only be described as a puppy dog expression. “Their dad was a bad guy, just like my mom was. You don’t need to know the details of what happened to be happy he’s gone.”

Bayrose stands in anger, pulling Gem away from the fire with her. “Just like your mom? You mean Gator knows about her?”

“Well yeah. He helped me find out who she was. He’s my best friend.”

“And I’m your girlfriend. And I had to find out about her, and about your condiiton from your sister! I thought you were cheating on me, not going on about self doubt! I could have helped you and you trusted Gator instead of me? Seriously?”

“You’re going to lecture me about trust?” He scoffs, looking at her in disbelief. “I had to find out about your dad from your brothers-”

“Please don’t drag me into this.” Beacan whispers.

“- so don’t you dare accuse me of being the only one with trust issues in this relationship.”

“I was going to tell you when I was ready!”


“It’s not!” She yells. “We’d been dating three months! I was no where near ready to tell you about how my dad tried to have me cut out my own brother’s heart you insensitive asshole!”

Beacan’s about to say something further but Bayrose runs past him, back up the hill with tears streaming down her face.

Beacan sighs, standing from his seat and pulling Bianca towards him to give her a kiss. “I guess that’s my cue to go, gorgeous. See you tomorrow?”

Bianca pouts. “But I brought some good stuff for us tonight. Why do you have to go too?”

“Cause she’s my sister and she needs me.”

Gator stands up chuckling, motioning for Becan to sit back down. “You couples in love make me feel sick. Sit back down already and I’ll go find her. I can handle getting yelled at and I think thats what she needs right now. If you go she’ll just think throwing a tantrum is okay.”

“Don’t be an ass, okay?” Sophie begs as her ex walks past her. 

“God Sophie. You act as if I don’t know how to behave like an adult.” 

“You don’t.” Gem points out as he stares into the fire sadly. “And if you do find her... tell her I’m sorry.”

“You can do that yourself later.” Gator shoots back before taking a deep breath of air and then running after Bay’s scent, morphing into his wolf form as he goes.

He finds her in the park his dad made for the kids before he was born. He doubts she knows the park belongs to the Wolff family, everybody uses it and that’s okay.

“Beautiful night tonight, huh?” She ignores him as he takes a seat on the swing next to her, so he continues. “So I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you talk about something that was a sore spot for you, I was just curious and sometimes I forget to think about what other people are thinking and I wind up with my foot in my mouth.”

“You didn’t put your foot in your mouth.” She mutters after a second.

“I didn’t?”

“No. I did.”

He stays silent so she continues. “Gem didn’t do anything wrong and I just snapped at him. Yes, dad’s death hurt me, even after what he did to us he was still my dad and for most of my life he was a great dad. But Beacan and Blaine wanted to celebrate when we got the news so I went with them and I’ve been trying to act like its nothing and its hard.”

“Maybe you should tell your brothers that. They may disagree with you, but at least they’ll be able to understand what you’re feeling and should be able to respect those feelings. And talk to Gem too, he felt horrible after you ran off.”

“I don’t think I’m quite ready to go back to the campfire tonight, I should probably be getting home instead.”

He stands up when she does, turning towards her with a big smile. “Well if you don’t wanna go back to the campfire maybe we can go do something together?”

“Uh... no.” Bayrose answers when she begins to suspect what he’s hinting at. “I’m sorry Gator, I’m really not that kind of girl. I’m with Gem, and I don’t think he’s going to break up with me over tonight, so I’m not going to go and make things worse. I care about him too much to cheat, even if you are cute.”

~The Next Day~

Since she was young, Bay’s known music was her calling. While no means rich, her family had enough money to support her passion so there isn’t any reason for her to get a “real” job. Instead she’s the town’s singing courier. 

It doesn’t pay much, but she gets to make people smile and has an excuse to meet and talk to people all over town. Without this job she’d only ever see Gem’s elusive step mother at family gatherings. Coral is quiet and serious, but every time Nico hires Bay to deliver a sing-o-gram the female vampire acts like a giddy school girl. Bay can only hope to one day have a marriage as loving as theirs seems to be.

Gem got a call in the morning from town hall telling him his job application had been accepted, so Coral sends Bay to find him and congratulate him. 

“You have got to be the most embarrassing girlfriend in the world, Bay!”

She smiles at him as she puts the boombox and streamer machine away. “Girlriend? Does this mean you forgive me for being an idiot last night?”

“Well I haven’t heard an apology yet...”

She could slap him if not for the sheepish grin on his face. “Fine... I’m sorry for being a pig-head. I handled things badly last night and you’re right, I should have talked to you about everything earlier. I’m sorry.”

“I love you Bay, and of course I forgive you, even when you’re being derpy.”

“Derpy?” She repeats in an offended tone before pulling her face into a silly look. “NOW I’m derpy! Blaaaargh!”

“Not as derpy as me!” Gem laughs, striking a different funny face. The other patrons of the bar give them funny looks, but neither notice. 

Technically Bayrose is on call 24/7 but barely anyone calls for sing-o-grams after 3 so she asks Gem out for a walk around town while she tells him about her dad. They wind up by the theatre and warehouse, where privacy is always ensured (when you’re a member of the Dracule family, anyway). 

“So I talked to Beacan about it and he said he was sorry he’d made me feel alone after our dad died, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this before.” 

“My therapist has said I’m doing good with trusting new people but I don’t know how true that is. But I really am trying. You have to believe me.”

“I do believe you.” He sighs. “And believe me, I know what you mean about the trust issues. For a long time the only person I could trust was Gator, and then Fawn I guess.”

“Fawn?” Bayrose growls. “You mean the bitch whose been spreading lies about me around school since the day we started dating? Are you still fucking talking to her?”

“Of course I’m still talking to her! She’s still one of my best friends! Geeze, what’s wrong with that? You’re acting like a bloody maniac again! What did I do?”

“You’re still talking to that slut, that’s what!” She yells back at him.

“WIll you please stop calling her that?”

“No! If you love her so much than you can go date her for all I care! We’re through!”


Young Volcanos by Fall Out Boy (click the title to listen to the song) will be the overall theme song for Bayrose's generation. It's also my favourite song. Despite this being the fourth chapter of gen two, its really the first "official" chapter of Bayrose's story.

Bay's YA trait was hot-headed by the way. In case that wasn't obvious enough. I like to think I'm making everyone's actions more believable that in my previous stories. Giving everyone motivation for their individual actions. 

Next chapter is going to be a little different I think. We're going to visit Blaine for a chapter and see the story from his POV. (SHUT UP. MY STORY. MY RULES. I LOVE HIM.) It'll be called Alone Together. Make of that what you will.