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2.07 - Let Her Go

Blaine and Sophie welcome little Evan Love-Rodgers only seven months after their wedding. Sophie hadn’t been aware of her pregnancy at the time of their marriage, but they’d been planning on having a full house anyway. 

Alexis is glad Dora managed to talk sense into her before the wedding. She’s absolutely ecstatic to finally be becoming a grandmother. She still feels too young for this business, but Evan is a lovely child.

“He’s so sweet! Just like his daddy, thank goodness.” Sophie laughs. “Mom tells me I was an absolutely awful child, so I’m hoping all our kids turn out just like Blaine.” 

Alexis remember’s her son’s youth fondly. “Blaine really was a saint.”

The whole family comes over to meet the new baby. That means Kaia is there too, and she hates every moment of it. 

“Beeeeaaacaaaan, I’m BORED. You brother sucks! His wife is too pretty for him and then he’ll be sad and then you’ll drag me over here all the time and I’ll hate you forever.”

He ignores her. 

“You look like shit, man. I thought you said over the phone that Evan was a great baby?”

“He is a great baby.” Blaine confirms. “And he’s not whats been keeping me up at night. Sophie has.”

Beacan makes a face. “Okay, I’m really happy you guys are young and in love, but still a little T.M.I. okay?”

Blaine shakes his head. “No. I… I saw something. And I don’t want to lose her. It’s too soon. We just started our lives together, and I can’t bring myself to tell her whats coming.”

That gets Kaia’s attention, and she stands up, suddenly interested in the conversation.

Beacan doesn’t notice. “What do you mean? You saw Sophie get hurt?”

Blaine takes a deep breath, and then puts on a smile. “It may have been just a dream. I don’t know what I see anymore. Please, just let me tell myself it won’t happen. I need that right now.”

Mixed fae children are often born with unusual abilities, but they tend to fade before they mature into more usual abilities, of only one of their parents. For this boy to retain his sight into his adulthood… a prophet could spell trouble for her entire plan if he wasn’t dealt with promptly.

Bayrose is due soon, but she still manages to waddle over to her best friend’s home to congratulate her on the new baby.

In return, Sophie congratulates her on her own upcoming bundle of joy. “So do you know if its a boy or a girl yet?”

“I’m having a little boy.” Bay smiles. “And I’m giving him a way cooler name than Evan. Seriously, hun? Where’d that come from?”

“Well I didn’t want to give me baby a complex! Could you imagine if I’d named him Fabio or something crazy? Evan is a perfectly normal, perfectly safe name.”

“Normal is boring.”

“Normal is normal.” Sophie shoots back with a smile. “Still. It’ll be really great to have our boys the same age. They’ll be friends just like we are.”

True to her word, Bayrose names her baby boy Isidore. According to the internet, it’s greek. Beacan thinks she’s nuts, but he’s just her ride so he keeps his mouth shut.

Its almost midnight that same night when Kaia senses someone sneaking into the backyard. Luckily, Beacan was just playing some video games and has no problem heading outside to attack whomever was dumb enough to try and break into the house.

“Gator? What the fuck are you doing here?”

Gator looks surprised to see him up at this time of night. “Beacan! Hi! I uh… can you grab Bayrose for me? I wanted to talk to her. I talked to my dad about her and the baby, and I want her to give me another chance.”

“Are you fucking with me?”

Kaia’s almost proud at the effect her influence has had on Beacan’s vocabulary. 

“Gator, Bay says she was pretty clear when she told you that you weren’t going to be a part of her or her son’s life. You fucked up, man. Marriage aside, you didn’t even bother to call or contact her for months!”

“I know I fucked up, but I just want-“

He takes a step forward, hand held out in a non-threatening manner, but it still sends a spark of fear down Beacan’s back. His wand materializes in his hand without thought, and a burst of flame erupts from it, hitting Gator straight in the chest and sending him flying. 

The burn isn’t bad, but the fall knocks the wind out of him, and he lays on the ground motionless. 

Kaia looks over at him, but doesn’t move from her position by Beacan’s side. “Wow. Should we go check on him?”

Beacan’s face remains passive, a stark contrast to his shaking hands. “No. He came here knowing he might be attacked. I don’t care if he’s okay. Let’s go back inside.”

Bayrose sleeps through the events of Gator’s visit. 

Isidore is a good boy. He woke up a few times during the night, but she has a full house to help her out with him. It’s too early to know who he takes after, but Bay already loves him. He’s like an adorable little doll with a built in heater and big pouty lips.

Everyone in the house takes turns with Isidore, none more than Beacan. He’s never been able to be more than a weekend dad for Elrich, so he’s enjoying Isidore’s first few months all he can. 

It takes Kaia a few days to realize the boy can see her. Every time she enters the room, Isidores glowing eyes follow her movements. Just what this kid is in order to be able to see her escapes her understanding, but he could cause problems in the future. 

Drastic improvements to the plan must be made.

Blaine and Sophie hold a one year anniversary party at the local tavern. Sophie’s been practicing a song to sing to her husband, and its officially stuck in Kaia’s head.

“I always knew you were a secret romantic.” Beacan smiles, watching Kaia mouthing the words. “Goddess of chaos my ass.”

His words bring a shudder of fear into her heart. Something she hasn’t felt in centuries. Has she been around him this long? She’d hoped her influence would force his hand, but could his influence be tainting her instead? 

“Kaia? Are you okay?”

She needed to breath, but she couldn’t. Panic was the enemy, and tonight had to go the way it had been planned. Beacan couldn’t interfere.

She geta up from her seat.

After a moment’s confusion, Beacan went after her, into the upstairs kitchen where no one could see them. “Hey, are you okay? You don’t look so good.”

The guilt hits when she sees the worry in his eyes. Now that’s an emotion she has never felt before. To quell it, she calls on an old favourite: Anger.

“Listen to me, you moron. I am not your friend, and I am not your pet. I am a GODDESS, and you continue to live only because it serves me. Your family will be at the center of my greatest war, and I am fucking tired of pretending to give a shit about your pathetic little mortal problems. The time has come for everything to change, and you and your pure heart will not interfere.”

“My… what?” The worry in his eyes is gone, replaced with fear. It gives Kaia the strength she needs. 

She reaches out to him, her hand making contact with his skin for the first time. He feels her, her hand is cold to the touch, but her lips are like fire. She kisses him forcefully, and it hurts, as if his lips are burning from the heat, but he returns her embrace all the same. 

She isn’t imaginary.

She steps away. The weight hits him like medicine balls to the chest. His energy is completely zapped, and the darkness is already racing inwards from the corners of his eyes. “How did… you…”

She shakes her head, telling him he’s asking the wrong question. “Goodnight, Beacan. It’s time for you to sleep now.”

Beacan’s body makes an audible thud as it hits the ground, his feet poking out from behind one of the counters. 

Sophie goes for help downstairs, but when her foot makes contact with the first step, an invisible force pushes her hard, sending her flying.

She comes to a rest at the bottom of the stairs, falling still.

Her mother is the first at the scene. She screams for help, looking up to the empty second floor landing. There’s no one there. 

The memorial was a large event, with much of the town present to pay their respects to Sophie Love-Rodgers. A much smaller group is invited to see her being laid to rest. Blaine manages to hold it together until the crew leaves. The flowers on her grave were his idea, her favourites. 

Linda has been unconsolable ever since the paramedics called the time of death. But when Blaine starts to cry, her legs give out, forcing her to lean against her husband for support as he gently helps her to the ground.

Alexis stands awkwardly by the back, wishing she could stop her son’s tears. Dora seems emotionless, but she’s seen so many friends and family laid to rest before. With Beacan still in the hospital, she understands she needs to be the strong one.

Gem is the odd one in the group, but tears have been falling from his eyes on and off the whole day. Sophie was always a close friend, always the heart of the group, and the one to give him courage to pursue Bayrose. He can’t accept she’s really gone, but she is, and no amount of wishing will change that.

Bayrose kneels down next to her brother, swallowing back a sob. She touches a flower absently, thinking about the first time her friend brought a whole bouquet of them to class, handing them out to people just so they’d smile. 

“I saw this.” Blaine whispers, startling her from her thoughts. “I saw this the night we married. I don’t know why or how, but this is my fault. I couldn’t save her, I can never save anybody.”

He stands slowly, facing her before falling into her arms, holding her close. “I’ve seen more. Every night I see people dying, every night I see families torn apart. And I can’t do anything to stop it.”

Bayrose can’t do this, she can’t be strong. “I’m sorry, Blaine, I’m so sorry.”

He hiccups into her shoulder, his grip around her tightening as he forces his next sentence out. “The worst part? I’ll be back here again. And mom’s crying. And I don’t even know who we’re crying over.”


This was a tough one to write. I'm pretty out of practice. I also need to change my mood music. I was listening to Let Her Go by Passenger while writing the funeral scene and started tearing up, which is why this chapter is now named that.

Evan is a witch

Isidore is a werewolf

Leya (Gem and Fawn's daughter) is human

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2.06 - Don't You Worry Child

Every Sunday and Wednesday, Beacan disappears from the house claiming to be going out with Bianca. But Bianca works mornings as a nurse. Instead he heads to a house a few blocks down where Suraya meets him at the door with a kiss on the cheek and a wave good bye.

Inside, little Elrich waits for his play dates with daddy while mom is at work. As soon as the door opens, the little boy leaves his toys on the ground to crawl over to his dad. 

“Hey kiddo.” Becan whispers, kissing his son on the head. “Wow, you’re getting so big! How about we give walking a try today? Mom says you’re getting really close!”

He’d always known Suraya’s baby was his. She’d only ever slept with him, in her words, but when Bay confronted him about it he chickened out on telling his family the truth. Elrich wasn’t a secret, not really, its just that no one in his family had asked about him yet. 

Still, Beacan wanted to be a father to the boy. So every time Suraya had to head out for her part time job, Beacan would stop by to babysit and spend some quality time with his son. 

“That’s it, little man! Wow, your momma is goanna be so proud of you!”

“Why would his fucking mother be proud he can walk? Every sim learns how to fucking walk by the time they become children! It doesn’t fucking matter what you teach them as babies!”

Its days like this that Beacan is happy no one can hear the red-headed monster in his head but him. “Don’t look now, little man, but I think Kaia is getting cranky.”

“I am not cranky, you son of a bit-“

“Mhhm. Very cranky. And that’s why we take naps. So that sweet little boys like you don’t turn into cranky old women like her.”

“I fucking hate you.”

Hours pass by, and Kaia gets more and more annoying and impatient. But Beacan can always top her. “Oh no, Elrich! Kaia’s angry at us! We must flee before she destroys us!”

Elrich laughs as Beacan attacks his stomach with tickles. “AAAAAAH! RAWR! Oh no, Kaia, oh no! Don’t hurt us! Oh but wait! Silly Kaia forgets that she can’t actually hurt anyone when she’s a figment of your daddy’s imagination!”

Kaia can only sigh in annoyance. “I’m not a fucking imaginary friend, you retard…” But he never listens. They’ve been doing this song and dance for months, and he’s only more convinced than ever that she’s just the long lasting results of the last time he got piss-faced drunk with Bianca.

Finally, Suraya gets home and its time for them to leave. 


Its the little things that make Kaia happy. And its those moments where she doesn’t realize how ridiculous she’s being that add an extra spring into Beacan’s step. Maybe she’s the embodiment of his inner sadist. God he’s ridiculous. Life is just grand.

They’ve walked a block before she notices the grin on his face. “So what’s got you in such a chipper mood today?”



“And life in general.”

“How is life?”


“More exposition would be helpful, thanks.”

“I have an amazing girlfriend who loves me, my mom is finally getting normal, my brother is living the life he deserves, my sister is in the career she wants, the sun is out, I have a gorgeous son, and my imaginary friend is fucking hilarious. Why shouldn’t I be smiling?”

“Cause you’re a loser!” She laughs, rolling her eyes. “Your girlfriend has two guys on the side and deals drugs for a living, your birth mom is battier than the bat cave, your brother is a joke, your sister has major issues, its three weeks til Winter begins, your son probably thinks you’re some glorified babysitter for all the amount of time you spend with him, and you think the goddess of war and chaos is here for your amusement. Pathetic. I can’t wait for you to die.”

It’s been a few months since the wedding, and since she last saw Gator. Word on the street is he went in land with his dad for a business trip and hasn’t been back since. She hope he returns soon, though. 

The nausea started after a week. Then came the aches and pains, the enhanced smell, the sensation of being bloated. By the time she missed her second period in a row, she knew what was going on. The pregnancy test was just the final nail in the coffin.

She’s almost five months along before Nichola calls, telling her Gator’s back in town. He agrees to meet her at the park, and as soon as she’s close enough she just blurts out the news. 

“I’m pregnant! It’s yours. Woulda told you earlier, but you went poof.”

Gator’s face explodes into a giant grin. “R-really? That’s fantastic news! I’m so happy!”

Bayrose smiles awkwardly, almost off put by his outburst. “Glad to see you so happy. I was kinda worried I’d have to raise him all alone. Where were you anyway?”

“I uh…” Gator sighs, looking down at his feet. “I was getting married. My dad arranged for me to marry this female werewolf from another family for some political power bullshit. I don’t understand this pack stuff, but I still have to obey my dad. Doesn’t your coven have any rules?”

“My coven consists of my mother and my brothers, and we’re free to be with whomever we want, or no one at all. I can’t believe you’re married! So much for loving me for ever. At least I didn’t have my heart set on you. God! What a fiasco that would have been!”

“Bay, I never lied. I do love you, and I want to be with you and our baby. Just… let me talk to my dad. And in the mean time, I promise I’ll play child support, give you anything you want. I just can’t claim our baby as mine just yet.”

“Save it!” Bayrose growls, holding her hands up. “I wish you and your wife all the best, but you are never fucking coming near me or my baby. Either you’re there all the time or none of the time. I’m not going to fucking get involved in your family’s political bullshit. Ugh!”

Most men would probably fight for their child, but Gator’s always been a bit of a wimp. Bayrose figures she won’t need to worry about him unless her kid wants to meet him someday.

“Hey!” Gem greets, seeing Bayrose while out on his walk. “Sophie told me the news. Congratulations! I’m glad things are working out well for you and Gator.” 

“Work out well? Gem, Gator’s married. He just found out I was pregnant today and then pulled some ‘I was in an arranged marriage. I still love you. Wait for me’ bullshit and I told him to fuck off. Yeah, my life is fantastic right now! I swear this is some kind of cosmic karma for breaking up with you or something.”

“I guess karma is getting back at me for the same then. I tried dating Fawn for a while and things were okay until her parents told her she was adopted and thats why she didn’t have wings. She took it kind of tough and has just gone off the deep end. I told her it was over, but now she’s threatening to move to the city with our daughter when she’s born just to get away from all this weirdness.”

“If I wasn’t such a great person, I’d tell you I told you so.” 

“It’s fine.”

Bay sees red at the idea of Fawn taking away Gem’s child, so much so that it doesn’t even register in her brain that Gem would have to sleep with Fawn to make said child. “I can’t believe she’d have the balls to try and separate you two! Can she legally do that?”

“Mother’s always get custody of their children unless the father can prove he can provide a more nurturing and balanced family environment.” Gem sighs, reciting the law almost perfectly. He’s been studying it for months.

Bay’s back starts to hurt so they sit down for a bit, just watching the stars. 

She breaks the silence first. “Do you remember when we used to do this all the time?”

“You mean back before we broke up? Yeah. It was nice.”

“I know this probably isn’t the best time, and it may just be the hormones talking. But do you think we can give us a shot again?”

Her heart almost leaps out of her mouth from nervousness as Gem considers her words. 

“I think it would be best if we take things slow, but yeah. I’d like to try again.”


So I was re-reading some of my old stuff, including Gem's generation and I noticed that in his generation summary I wrote that Fawn finding out the truth about her heritage would either set her free or break her. In Gem's generation, it set her free and they were able to be together. In Bay's generation, Fawn breaks. 

Kaia > Neptune. She's the cooler god. And yes, she is a god, not a figment of Beacan's imagination. You'll figure out her end game soon enough. I like her. : )