Sunday, March 9, 2014

2.05 - Where Have you Been

You don’t love him. Your kind doesn’t even know what love is!”

“Thats it, little man. Wow! Your momma is goanna be so proud of you!”

“It won’t mean a thing, okay? But for tonight, let’s just enjoy this.”

“Talia, just go! I’ll hold them off!”

“Nuh uh. If we go down, we go down together. I’m not leaving you.”

The nightmares have been coming more and more often since Zinna left. When he was a child, they would come one a night, now he’s lucky to have as few as four. 

He slips out of bed quietly, careful not to wake the sleeping girl next to him. They got in late last night after dinner at her father’s house. She could use some more sleep after the shit storm that will happen today.

Its been two weeks since his sister broke up with Gem Sari. She hasn’t told anyone but Blaine’s known for a while; before their problems even became a problem. He could have given her advice to calm her down, but what was the point? He saw a vision of her spending time alone with Gator Wolff before he saw a vision of her argument with Gem. Her breakup wasn’t set in stone, but if she hadn’t broken up with Gem then she just would have cheated. He’s had visions since childhood. He knows how they work.

“Visions woke you up again?”

“Yeah.” He sighs, not hiding it from her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I’m rested enough. Tell me about them?”

“Just Bay making a horrible decision. Nothing too important.”

“Bay making bad decisions is nothing new, sweetheart. I love her dearly, but your sister is nuts.”

He smiles at her, choosing to ignore the sinking feeling that he’s forgotten something. “No wonder you two are such good friends. You’re both crazy. Oh and uh… I have to tell you about today-“

“Your mom doesn’t approve of me.” She guesses. He doesn’t answer, but thats all the answer she needs. “Well, fantastic. Will today be really terrible?”

“I only saw her reaction, but I promise I’ll protect you.” 

Sophie smiles, leaning in to kiss him. They’ve been dating for only a few months, keeping their relationship secret from everyone. But she knows she loves him, and that he loves her. She’ll put up with whatever his mother will throw at her if it means being able to spend part of her long life with him.

Coming clean to their families about their relationship was all Sophie’s idea, so she talks to Alexis before Blaine can do anything. 

“You have to be joking!” Alexis scoffs, eyeing the little fairy with anger. “You’ve jumped into more beds than any girl I’ve ever met and you’re not even 20 yet! Not to mention that my youngest son was one of them! You think I’ll believe that you’ve suddenly found you love my baby? You’re a fairy, Sophie. You don’t love him. Your kind doesn’t even know what love is!”

Blaine warned her it would be bad. But Sophie had no idea it would be quite that bad. True, she’s made some shitty decisions, but no one’s thrown them in her face quite like this before. 

At the very least, Blaine’s siblings are far more receptive to the news of their relationship. 

“You dog!” Beacan even laughs, hugging his brother. “What a catch!”

“Oh my gosh, this explains so much! Why you wouldn’t tell me who you was making you so smiley, why you wanted me to invite Blaine to the camp out, everything! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“We weren’t sure if it would last.” Sophie admits with a shrug. “And we didn’t know how it would look. I mean, he’s a lot older than me, and I’m known as a heart breaker. I didn’t want peoples opinions to cloud our chances and he didn’t want people to think he was dating me for my dad’s money. You sure you’re okay with this?”


Sophie smiles in relief. “So uh.. one more question.”


“Will you be my maid of honour?”

The wedding date they’ve chosen is about a month away. Bay can’t hide her happiness for them both. She’s glad they’ve found each other.

A day before the wedding and everything is in place with one large exception:

“So.” Dora begins, taking a seat next to her girlfriend. “I’ve heard you’ve decided against attending Blaine’s wedding.”

“I have. I can’t stand the idea of that girl playing with Blaine’s heart. You know as well as I do that fairies aren’t capable of long term relationships!”

“Aren’t capable of- … Alexis, how long have we been living together?”

She thinks for a moment. “A couple of years, I guess?”

“Since the twins were 10. Thats 8 years. I don’t know what your definition of a long-term relationship is, but I’d say that counts.” 

Alexis gives her a look of annoyance. “But you’re not like other fairies. You told me yourself!”

“Being with you this long isn’t what makes me different. Fairies are extremely picky, and I’m different because I found someone to love who loves me in return. It’s rare for fairies to find love, but when they do, only death can pull them from their lover.”

“And do you think Sophie loves our son?”

“I don’t doubt it for a second.” Dora answers with no hesitation. “I know he’s your baby, my love, but Blaine is a grown man. You need to let him make his decisions in life or he’ll just leave us all behind.”

“It’s hard.” Alexis whispers, forcing herself to smile. “I missed so much of his life, of the twins life. Is it wrong of me to want to just hold them a while longer?”

“It’s not.” Dora smiles back, genuinely. “Time isn’t something that will ever be on our side, but you can be there for him tomorrow. And for your grandchildren when Blaine and Sophie bless us with them. Isn’t that something to look forward to?”

“Yes.” Alexis decides after a moment. “It is.”

“The photographer isn’t even here yet! And the cake… oh it will just be ruined by all this sun! But at least you look beautiful, darling… but I wish you’d let me buy you some extensions for today-“

Sophie’s only regret of the day was letting her dad be her wedding planner. If not for her parents being so happily married she’d suspect he was gay.

“Dad, seriously, everything is just fine! Everyone will be taking pictures anyway, and the cake wont melt. I like my hair the way it is, and Blaine and I just want to get married already! I don’t want to wait for everything to be perfect.”

“I hope you’ll allow one more delay.” Alexis speaks up, causing Sophie to spin around quickly. 

“Ms. Love! I thought you said you couldn’t make it?”

“I did say that.” Alexis confirms. “But after talking to Dora I realized that this isn’t my day, its Blaine’s and your day. As long as the two of you are happy, then who am I to make this about me? I don’t know if or when I’ll ever be able to believe you actually love my son, but he loves you, and I want the two of you to be happy.”

“I do love Blaine.” Sophie assures her. “And I am really happy you’re here. It’ll mean the world to him. Thank you.”

After having her heart broken by Beacan, Natalia and Bayrose drifted apart, but she’s still one of Sophie’s close friends, so she takes the place of a bridesmaid. Part of Bayrise wishes she’d stayed in contact with the other girl, but Natalia doesn’t say a word to her the entire day.

Beacan has a better time with his fellow grooms-man, Sophie’s older brother Tristan. He’s been holding back tears all day. 

“Come on, man!” Beacan laughs. “Smile! Today is a good day!”

“I know it is.” The vampire sniffles. “I’m just so relieved Sophie’s actually getting married of her own free will. I always thought I’d have to threaten a guy to marry her after she’s been knocked up and ready to burst. This is a miracle!”

The ceremony is small and simple, the couple having rented out one of the local parks for the day. 

They say their vows in front of friends and family.

And become Blaine and Sophie Love-Rodgers.

“I’m never going to find the one!” Natalia wails into her hands as her sister joins the bridesmaids. Nicola is one of the few girls their age to not have had her heart broken by Beacan, so she has no problem talking to Bayrose.

“You look lovely, Bayrose. Blue is definitely your colour.”

“Oh uh… thanks?” Receiving compliments gracefully has never been one of Bay’s strong points. “You look great too.”

“Oh I’m sure.” Nicola giggles before motioning over towards the front row of streets. “But our town’s most eligible bachelor isn’t looking at me, now is he.”

She wasn’t really planning on giving Gator the time of day, even with Nicola being his overly obvious wingman. But after the free bar opens and she’s had some drinks, his corny one-liners start getting cute.

“You’re the most beautiful girl in this whole town, you know that?”

She giggles as he pulls her in close, twirling her around and causing a flutter of butterflies in her stomach. “Stop being so silly! You’re just saying that cause you want in my pants.”

“Nuh uh.” He corrects, sticking his tongue out at her. “I’ve though you were the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen since you moved here. And I’ll make sure you believe me every chance I get.”

His words speak of love, but Bayrose knows this game. Her brother uses it all the time. Tonight will be fun, and she knows she’ll enjoy it, but come morning things will be back to the way they were. 

“It won’t mean a thing, okay?” She tells him in between kisses. “But for tonight, let’s just enjoy this.”


Sorry for the delay, but this chapter (Specifically the visions in it) are a turning point for the story, so I had to make sure I really wanted to take Bay's generation in this direction before moving forward with posting. 

Yes, Sophie and Blaine hooked up through SP so I had to fit it into the story. That boy deserves some happiness in his life! 

An update on relationships in game:
- Alexis and Dora are dating, doubt they'll ever get married as there is no need for it. They're happy the way they are.
- Bayrose is still single. The events with Gator probably won't effect that in ANY WAY. NO SIR.
- Beacan's currently dating Debbie or Paris or whatever that girl's name is. She works at the hospital and was in at least one wedding photo. His son is a cutie. I'm sure you'll meet him soon.
- Sophie and Blaine are married and she may or may not have a bun in the oven! Can't remember if I saw that pop up in my save-game folder or in the alternate folder I took the wedding pictures in.
- Gem has been seen flirting with a certain wingless fairy.
- Gator's married.


  1. Gators married?! Oh my!
    At least Bayrose knows that it's a one night stand, it'll make it easier to let go, for sure... Or will it...? She has babies to have, of course... ;)

    I'm happy Blaines happy, and I hope he and Sophie work out :)

    1. Everything I could possibly say to this post includes spoilers. Oh god, it hurts.

      Okay, one spoiler: Despite knowing that night was only one night, Bay really does believe Gator is still single.

  2. Oh, my, well we saw two of those visions come true, but I'm quite worried by the final one - that sounds very ominous!

    I was rather surprised by Alexis' comment to Sophie, my immediate reaction was "but you're dating one of her kind!"

    1. If there's one thing I can say about my characters is that they're consistent. They're all hypocritical idiots.

      As Alexis mentioned during her talk with Dora, she always saw Dora as different from other fairies because she stayed. The first time they met, they had fun together and it was 16 years before Alexis ever saw Dora again.

  3. Oh Blaine! Beautiful Blaine! With Sophie?!? Married to Sophie?!? I know what she was in your AU, so she better tow the line here. *glares at Sophie

    And Oof! For sure that was a rough day! At least Blaine tried to warn Sophie of what might be coming.

    Good for Alexis for setting aside her pride to go to her sons wedding.

    What a lovely wedding. <3 But I'm with Bayrose. There is nothing better after a wedding than a good old one night stand. Though usually the one night stand with a married man doesn't work out nearly as well. Here's hoping that doesn't come back to bite her.