Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2.08 - Dark Horse

Beacan hasn’t left his room in weeks. Every time he even tries to tell someone about Kaia, she simply waves her hand, and the darkness returns. He’s seen his brother’s heart break, his sister’s fear, he’s even begun to notice the way Kaia eyes little Isidore, but he can’t do anything to stop her. 

“You look so glum, chum.” Kaia smirks from her seat on his sister’s old bed. “Something on your mind?”

She hadn’t intended for the death of the fairy girl to affect him this much. All she needed was for the prophet to be weak when she was at her strongest, but Beacan’s fear and pain was feeding her, making her stronger. Her eyes were ever on the clock, and tonight was finally the night.

He stands up, his pain turning into anger at her words. “What’s on my mind is what you’re up to! You’ve said that my family is at the centre of your twisted little game, but how? Why do you follow me constantly? What do you even want from me?”

Kaia glares at him, tapping her head as if to mock his mental state. “I’ve told you for months what I am, and what I am capable of you moron. Generations ago, I was imprisoned in the dream realm by my dear mother. The war I’d caused was no longer amusing her, she said. The pain of those who suffered no longer fed her, she said. For generations I have sat in my prison, waiting for the right moment… and it finally came.”

Her deamenor changes suddenly, her gaze turning to rest on Beacan’s face. “My brother, my… jailor, grew distracted, and when your father failed to free his kind, the pain he felt set me free. You were supposed to die that night, but you did not, and that is why I follow you. To be truly free, I must meet with the reaper’s wife to request a body of my own, and she comes for only the sweetest souls… the ones who have escaped her husband’s clutches once before. Souls like yours.”

Beacan’s face falls. “No… I won’t let you-“

“I assure you, you really don’t have a choice.”

“Isn’t there anything I can do? Anything at all? I’m not going to just sit down and let you kill me!”

She almost smiles. “Actually, laying down and waiting would really annoy me and just delay me for annoyingly long. A special soul alone may not call her. But if you sacrifice your life to save another…”

He makes a face. “Please. I’d never sacrifice myself for anyone.”

She shakes her head with a sigh. “You sure about that? Because your sister is getting attacked in half an hour and she just happened to forget to charge her phone. If you go, you will die. If you don’t, she will. What’s your choice?”

Taking things slow has proved to be the ideal pace for Bayrose and Gem. His work at city hall keeps him busy, and his more cheerful outlook on life since leaving Fawn has had a significant impact on his work. He’s even been told there might be a future for him in politics. A real future. 

Beacan does wish they could move things just a tad bit faster… at least physically. Taking things slow has made their relationship last, but Sophie’s death has shown her just how short life can be. She doesn’t want to waste any of it.

Gem offers to walk her home, but Bayrose turns him down. With a baby at home and a full time job in the public eye (some would even call her a minor celebrity), getting the chance to take a quiet walk alone and organize her thoughts is actually quite a treat. 

The rage Dwayne Wolff felt when his youngest son, his expected heir, came to him telling him about the love child he was having with a non-werewolf was the worst he’s ever felt. But he was still able to refrain from laying a hand on his son. He’d always counted himself as a fair man, the only leader of his pack in generations to refrain from unnecessary bloodshed, but this insult was too much for him. 

If the child had been a girl, the affair could have been forgiven. But a male heir for his son made the child and the child’s mother into a problem for the shaky alliance he had made with the Levittz clan. 

He will take care of Bayrose Love tonight, and then leave it to his son to take custody of the baby she has at home. 

Bayrose isn’t a coward. The dark doesn’t bother her, and spiders play an important role in nature, but one growl from the terrifying werewolf behind her has her screaming. 

With one swipe of his arm Dwayne has her on the ground. 

Before he can finish her, he hears soft chanting coming from behind him. He turns, coming face to face with Beacan. He finishes the spell, narrowly missing Dwayne and hitting his target, his sister straight in the chest. She gasps, the ice spell successfully shocking her back to consciousness.

Dwayne tackles the witch boy, knowing he won’t be able to preform another spell without further preparation. 

He succeeds in downing the with-boy with a bite to the neck, but he forgot about his initial target during the fight. 

Bayrose would never call herself a gifted sorceress, she rarely practices and never listened to her mother’s lessons, but she does know a number of offensive spells, taught to her by Blaine in case she ever needed to protect herself. This spell was one he probably shouldn’t have taught her. 

It pulls the victim apart piece by piece until all that’s left is a puddle of blood and some bones on the ground. As an added thrill, Bay hits Dwayne in the dick, starting the shredding process in the most painful place she can think of.

Dwayne is dead in only moments, but Bayrose doesn’t pay him any heed. She doesn’t need to touch her brother to know he’s dead, and her tears have already begun flowing. The pain she is feeling feeds Kaia, almost as much as Beacan had fed her in the previous weeks. 

Out of respect for Beacan’s willing sacrifice, Kaia decides to leave Bayrose alone. For now.

The funeral is a small one. With Gem being the only non-family member in attendance. That was Blaine’s idea, and no one disagreed. 

Alexis went right back to step one when she heard of Beacan’s death. She hasn’t spoken a word to anyone since then; Dora isn’t even sure if Alexis is aware of what’s going on right now. But at least she’s leaning towards her rather than screaming obscenities today. That’s a good sign.

Bayrose ran out of tears long before the funeral took place, her body still shaking with tremors. 

The fact that Dwayne Wolff, the current mayoral favourite for this year’s election was killed after attacking two innocents in the middle of the night has been the biggest scandal the town has ever heard. Everyone now knows that Bayrose gave birth to Gator’s Wolff’s son, and some of them even believe that Dwayne should have been allowed to kill her for bringing shame to the town’s oldest family, but those are all rumours. The individuals who agreed with Dwayne are smart enough to keep quiet about it. 

Gem’s biggest fear is that something will happen to his girlfriend, but she seems convinced that the danger has passed.

Beacan hasn’t moved from his seat by the feet of Beacan’s grave since the arrived. He hasn’t cried, he hasn’t spoken, he’s just stares off into the distance as if in a trance. 

When Dora decides its time for the family to return home, Blaine asks Gem for a moment of his time. Bayrose hesitates for a moment, before kidding Gem on the cheek, and walking after her mothers. 

“Things are going to get worse before they get better.” Blaine says after a long moment. “Don’t worry about kids, it’ll happen when its meant to. She loves you, you love her too, and that’s whats going to matter. And for the love of the Watcher, don’t give up on her. It’ll be worth it, I promise.”

Gem’s considers his friend’s words. “Okay. But why are you telling me all this? Won’t you be around?”

“If I stop by for dinner, then I’m staying. If not, then this will be good bye.” Blaine sighs.

Gem’s face falls, but he nods, and then heads after the girls.

Blaine is almost beginning to feel the cold when Kaia finally appears in the graveyard, taking a seat next to him on the frosty ground. 

“Your brother was a good man, prophet.”

It isn’t exactly a secret around town that Blaine can see visions of the future, but this is the first time someone has called him a prophet. 

“How did you know my brother, and what I am?”

“I didn’t know your brother well.” Kaia lies. “He told me what you were, and I’ve been watching you ever since. I’m sorry I couldn’t save him, but Gods are not meant to meddle in the affairs of mortals, far or human.”

“You’re a god?”

“I am.” She states. “My name is Kaia, and I am a  child of mother Gaia, one of the eldest gods. War is coming, prophet, I know you have seen it. We are not meant to meddle, but I must. If you join me, I will help you hone your skills. I will teach you to control what you can see, and how to make sense of it. I can help you keep your family safe.”

“I couldn’t save my wife.” He laments.

She nods. “I know. And I know you fear for your son, but running away will not help him. Bring him, and I will teach him skills to protect himself. He will be a warrior, a son you can be proud of, and I will protect him. You have my word.”

Blaine doesn’t need to think twice. “When do we leave?”


Thus we reach the end of Kaia's introductory arc. She'll be back, but most likely not til the transitionary chapters between generations 2 and 3. There will be a time skip between now and next chapter, but it won't be too confusing. Just skipping a lot of boring stuff and moving back into the story. And we'll actually get to see what the kids look like next chapter! Yay!


  1. o_o
    Uh, okay. Second funeral yes. But wow that was a lot of characters exiting, be it permanently or only for a little while. Even Blaine? Poor poor Blaine. He's really struggled for so long with all of that. Life was awfully tough for him.

    Will Gem heed Blaine's advice I wonder? That's quite a roll up there and things are pretty dark right now.

    1. Blaine really has been given a tough lot in life. Hopefully things will be better for him a bit, but we may not see him again for a while.

      We'll find out what Gem and Bayrose are up to next chapter.

  2. Poor Blaine. And poor Dwayne. I clenched, and I don't even have one.

    Is Epsilon the reaper's wife? Did she really set Kaia free? Or was Kaia just winding Beacan up (poor Beacan and poor Beacan-baby)?

    1. Epsilon is the reaper's wife, yes. A friend is disappointed I didn't show her but I didn't want to take from Beacan's death, and I know how people love her.

      Kaia now has her own body, as shown by the fact that she could talk to Blaine and have him see and hear her.

  3. *cries* Kaia killed Beacan and then took Blaine away, I don't like her at all! :(

    I wonder whether Blaine will discover just how much Kaia has lied to him and what she's done to his family, I can't imagine he'll react well to that...

    1. Blaine and Kaia will be back in Gen 3. Blaine plays a large role in one plot line, and a smaller role (but still significant) in the other plot line. Kaia has a big role in both.

      I think Blaine would react horribly if he ever found out the truth. Not sure if I ever want him to know, really. It would just break him.

  4. Wowsers! O.o What a sad chapter. RIP Beacan.

    Kaia is an interesting character, I wonder just what she is going to teach Blaine, and if he is ever going to figure out that she does not have his best interests at heart.

    I'm glad to see that Bayrose and Gem are together again--and Blaine hints at kids, plural---so hopefully that means we'll see Gem babies! (Gem does breed well!) =)

  5. :( Well... I wasn't expecting that! I knew someone else would die because Blaine said so, but no idea it would be Beacon!

    ...Is it bad that I laughed about where Bayrse decided to direct her spell? Hahaaa!

    But anyway, sadness :( I hope everyone can move on from this, Alexis included!