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2.14 - If I Had You

Highschool is tough, but not uninteresting. Being the daughter of a big celebrity and the Mayor, Leya is expected to be the perfect little girl. Unlike Isidore, she thrives on the expectations of those around her. While her brother spends study block doing who knows what with who knows who, Leya spends it in the library reading.

She doesn’t notice the male figure entering the room until he’s sitting next to her. 

“Hey, you’re Isidore’s little sister, aren’t you?” He’s got dark eyes and purplish hair. His facial hair and general attitude marks him as one of the older kids, maybe even a senior. The fact that he knows her brother’s name and is actually talking to her (She’s only in grade 9!) is what actually gets her attention.

“U-uh, yeah. I’m Leya. Leya Sari. Isi- I mean Isidore is my step-brother.”

He smiles at her, and she feels her face flush a deep red. Why is he paying attention to her?

“Hey that’s cool.” The older boy responds. “I’m your brother’s football mentor. I heard he had a cute sister but he kept getting defensive whenever I tried bringing you up. It’s nice to see you’re real though. Name’s Elrich, by the way.”

Before Leya can introduce herself properly in return, a skinny brunette comes running into the library. She’s obviously out of breath, her back pack no where to be seen, but she’s looking for someone. 

Leya gets up before her friend spots her talking to a senior and freaks out. She always freaks out.

“Hey Wanda. What’s the disaster this time?”

Wanda either doesn’t catch Leya’s sarcastic tone, or doesn’t care. “Your brother did it again! Why does he keep doing it? He’s so stupid!”

Oh great. As if her brother wasn’t annoying enough at home… “What did he do this time?”

“I caught him flirting with Marla Goodwill! You know, that fairy chick from Math? She’s not even pretty!”

Marla is also Leya’s biological mom’s sister, but they’ve barely exchanged a dozen words with each other. “Okay so he was flirting with her. So what?”

“So Janell caught him flirting! THAT’S whats up!”

Leya makes a face. Janell dropped dibs on Isidore the moment they were all teens. “Oh yeah, that could be a problem.”

“So what happened next?”

“Well, Janell started calling Marla all sorts of rude names and the like.”

Wanda eyes Elrich suspiciously before leaning closer to her friend. The girls in school never hesitate to gossip about each other, but when boys are around decency rules must be followed. “Janell says that Deborah told her that her brother Carl caught Marla and your brother making out behind the library yesterday. What a slut!” 

Leya knows her brother would never be caught dead anywhere near a library even if make outs were being offered, but she keeps silent. No point in ruining Wanda’s fun.

“So then what happened to Marla?”

“Janell slapped her.” Wanda laughs. “It was beautiful. Left a nice bright mark on her ugly face too. Janell’s so lucky the teachers don’t care about us fighting.”

When Leya and Wanda emerge from the library, Janell and Isidore are still locked in a furious lip lock. Despite Isidore claiming that serious relationships aren’t his thing and that he’ll never settle down, Janell’s laid dibs on him since they were both 13. It’s been two years since their first kiss and despite the occasional rumour they’ve been pretty faithful to each other that whole time.

Knowing Leya would probably want to talk to her brother, Wanda interrupts the couple and takes Janell by the hand. “Hey cousin. Mom wanted me to talk to you about her birthday party next week. You and uncle Alistair going to be there?”

“And his new girlfriend probably.” Janell laughs, waving a quick goodbye at Isidore as they leave. 

Leya waits until the other girls are around the corner before turning her anger towards her brother. “Marla Goodwill? Really? She’s my AUNT.”

“I was just being friendly.” He whines. “Plus Janell is being so clingy. Why does it matter if I fool around with Marla anyway? It’s not like she even cares about fostering a relationship with you. Just me.”

Her face falls, and just like when they’re kids he realizes that he just said the worst possible thing. 

“L-Leya? Hey uh, I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean that.”

“Listen, you’re an awesome girl and Marla is really missing out on getting to know you.”

“This isn’t about Marla!”

“It isn’t? Then what’s this about?”

“Its about you! It’s ALWAYS about you! Stop leading people on! Either commit to Janell or let her go! You don’t want to end up with a reputation! It’ll ruin your whole future!” 

“Why would I care about my reputation?” His expression is completely deadpan, and when she doesn’t have an answer, he continues. “You do know our mom was cheating on dad while we were kids, right? For years, I’m guessing. People had to have seen her, but no one bat an eyelid or told dad. Why would I care what people think about me? Their opinions don’t mean shit to me.”

Reputation may mean nothing to him, but his sister is a girl, and a year younger than him. It’s everything to her. “Is my reputation around school really bothering you that much?”

“Isi, I just want you to be happy.” She’s a politician’s daughter through and through. “If Janell makes you happy, then at least give your relationship with her a shot. Otherwise, consider if maybe actually being unattached and playing the market is a better option. Burning bridges so early in life can’t be good. Promise me you’ll at least think about what I’m saying?”

He promises. If it’ll make his sister happy, he’ll think about making his relationship with Janell mean something.

Janell came back into the hall to grab a textbook from her locker. She doesn’t like what she sees. Everyone knows Leya and Isidore are only step-siblings. She could totally be trying to steal Janell’s boy!

In an effort to make his relationship with Janell official, Isidore invites her out to the summer festival with him. They quickly forget about the games and just make out in front of the pie eating stand. 

Isidore interrupts momentarily when his phone buzzes, and he reads the text message with a smile on his face. Instantly, Janell’s jealousy levels go off the scale. “Seriously, Isi? We’re on a date! Can’t you get your girls on the side to shush until after we’re done?”

He gives her an exasperated look. “Really Jan? Its my sister texting me. Apparently Mira’s first word was fuck. It’s funny!”

“You care more about your sister than you do me! Why don’t you just date her instead?”

Leya did say that he could always play the market as a single guy if things with Janell didn’t work out. That option is looking pretty good right about now. 

“I don’t need to date her to be happy. I just need to not date you. Sorry, but this isn’t working for me anymore.” 

“So Janell says I’m not allowed to hang out with you anymore cause your brother broke her heart.”

Faintly, Leya wonders if Wanda only joined study club in order to gossip. “Janell’s already dating someone new so my brother couldn’t have broken her heart that badly. Plus I thought you made your own decisions. She’s your cousin, not your mom.”

“And thats exactly what my mom said when I told her!” Wanda answers as Leya gets up from her seat to put a book back on the shelf. As soon as she turns back around, Wanda grabs her hands. Her mother had also told her to do something else, but she wasn’t sure how to go about it. “S-so um. The dance is next week, right? Janell took me shopping for it already so I don’t have to worry about figuring out what to wear.”

“Oh yeah! The dance!” Leya had completely forgotten about it. Too busy with actual school work. “You going with anyone?”

Wanda knows better than to read too much into Leya’s words. The girl is as straight as they come, which makes the question Wanda wants to ask her all the harder to ask. “Well I was kinda hoping to ask if you wanted to go together?”

“Like as friends?”

Wanda’s hands are getting sweaty. “Well…”

“As awesome as that would be, you know Janell would only see it as an opportunity to make both our lives miserable and start spreading rumours about us being lesbians. You don’t want that, right?”

Leya has a point. “I guess…”

“Besides,” Leya continues. “I kinda wanted to ask Elrich if he’d take me.”

Wanda forces herself to smile for her friend. “The football captain? Wow. Isn’t he older than us?”

“By three years only! That’ll mean nothing after highschool!”

Study club ends at the same time as football practice, so Leya knows exactly where and when to find Elrich at the end of the day. She wastes no time on pleasantries. 

“Will you go to the dance with me? As a date?”

Elrich hesitates for a moment, studying the girl in front of him up and down. Sure, she’s definitely just a girl, but she has promise. She could be a lovely woman one day. And if he knows anything about women, its that he needs to date them when they’re still young in order to keep them. He wasn't about to end up alone and unloved like his mother.

“I’d love to, Beautiful.”


I quite literally can't say anything without spoiling stuff at this point. 

Chapter title is If I had you by Adam Lambert. I typically hate love songs, but this one is decent. I like the beat, yo.

Okay, one comment. If you don't recognize who Elrich is I will be sad. His relation to other characters probably won't come up. This generation. 

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2.13 - Nothing

Mireya and Damon Sari are born the same day, which was “fun” for all involved. Mireya, Gem and Bayrose’s miracle baby was born in the morning, with her half brother Damon arriving a few hours later through surgical means after Gem began feeling labour pains. He was put on bed rest for the first week, but even the combined efforts of his girlfriend and his doctor can’t keep him from his children.

Her trip with Gem to Sunset Valley and later pregnancy has put Bayrose’s career on hold for much longer than she expected. She’s anxious to return to work, but she could never say she regrets having her daughter.

Leya will always be Bay’s eldest daughter. She is as much a daughter to her and Mireya, but she and Gem gained custody of his daughter when she was almost a year old already. Bay missed out on the early years of raising a girl, and she finally has it.

And of course that’s not even mentioning the wonder of raising their “bonus baby” Damon. With his eyes closed, no one could even tell he was an alien!

Bayrose sighs as Gem embraces her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. “You’re up early, love. They’re still sleeping.”

“I know.” She smiles, holding onto his arms. “I thought I heard something and then I decided to stay and watch them sleep.”

“You’re such a great mom.” Gem smiles, stroking her cheek. “I could never imagine being with anyone else, and I’m so happy to be able to say you’re the mother of my children.”

Bayrose smiles again, hand on his. “Mother of your children is a great title. Maybe we could make me something more soon?”

He agrees. And the expression on her face when he drops down on one leg will make him smile for years to come. She certainly wasn’t expecting this!

“Bayrose Love, I have loved you since that day I first asked you to be my girlfriend. You made me the happiest boy alive when you said yes. Now will you make me the happiest man alive by saying yes to marrying me?”

“Yes. Yes, I’ll marry you!”

Their ceremony is something small, with only family in attendance. They take Gem’s name, all of them.

Birthdays come and go, with little Mira becoming a toddler, and her big brother Isi becoming a teen. She’s a handful of never ending every (like her brother was at her age), so he tends to get stuck with her whenever their parents can pass her onto him.

Damon’s alien heritage becomes far more pronounced after his birthday, while Leya continues to be Bay’s little girl, complete with pigtails. 

Bayrose is a celebrity now, one of the biggest names in the city and even surrounding towns while her husband has quickly become a member of the local government. 

Fundraisers are an almost daily routine in the Sari family these days. Coral gives a generous 10k simoleon donation to her step son’s campaign and offers to do a silent auction of some of her paintings later that week.

Gem is running on a lot of the popular issues for his campaign, however his focus is on pushing for proper occult representation in the Sim Nation government. All levels of its government. 

“It is true that a fairy cannot understand the daily struggles of a vampire, but she can understand his concerns far better than a human raised by humans ever could. I want to push for correct representation of general occults by population density in all major cities. And one day, I hope to make it so that that representation also accounts for the types of occult to be represented by a member of their type. So that a population of genies has genie representatives, and vampires have vampiric representatives.”

So far the response to his campaign has been positive, and his campaign funds show that. 

Life is busy for Moonlight Fall’s most influential couple, but they make sure to make time for each other. Every chance they get.



Somer’s shrill and elderly voice resonates throughout the entire house as she slams one door after the other in search of her husband. 


He doesn’t answer her as he pours himself another drink. She’ll find him eventually, like she always does. 

 “There you are, boy! Where have you been all day?”

“Where have I been?” He scoffs, glaring at her with his drink still in hand. “I was out. Having fun. You know, that thing you might have done back before you were a wrinkled old hag.” 

He’s not normally this rude to her, but things changed after her hair went grey, after their chance to have a child together faded away, after Bayrose got married to his ex best friend. 

Somer looks as if she’s going to say something, but instead closes her mouth and turns to walk away. This is the first time she hasn’t stayed to fight; it confuses him. “Hey, where are you going?”

“You’re right. I’m an old hag. I think I’ll go stay with my old hag of a boyfriend tonight. I’d ask if you were planning on bringing that girl over again but I suppose not since the word on the street is she’s married. Sucks to be you, little pup.”

It does suck to be him. He wallows in his self pity, sitting alone in his big, empty house. His son doesn’t know him, he’s married to a woman almost three times his age, his father is dead, the girl of his dreams left him, and he can’t bear to talk to his old best friend because he spent two years banging his best friend’s girlfriend. Poor poor Gator. 

He makes himself another drink, staring very closely at its contents as he pours, in order to keep anything from spilling. He’s stayed drunk, to some extent or another, ever since her saw Bayrose’s wedding announcement in the paper. 

The more he drinks, the angrier he gets. Why should Gem get the girl? He didn’t love her like Gator did! And what about Bay’s baby girl? What if she was actually Gator’s? Nevermind that she had Gem’s hair and features… 

Finishing off his latest drink, he makes a decision. He’s going to go to Bay’s house right now and tell her how he feels. She’ll have to take him back when she sees how much he’s hurting! 


After his age up, Isidore was given the entire basement suite. It has a door to the outside so he’s outside first, complaining to the loud stranger about the ungodly time (4 in the morning!). 

The sight of his son’s face just makes Gator start crying loudly in sadness. 

“What is wrong with you, old man? It’s 4 in the damn morning!”

“Oh Isidore. I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you! You’re more beautiful than I ever imagined! You even have my eyes!”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

Neither male notices Bayrose leaving the house in her robe. “Isi, this is your biological father, Gator Wolff.”

For the first time in his life, Isi is at a loss for words. “My… father?”

“I’m so sorry I was never there for you when you were a kid.” Gator slurs, begging his son for forgiveness. “I always wanted to! But your bitch of a dead uncle threatened to kill me, and then I was married, and my bitch of a wife kept me away from you while we tried for an heir.”

Gator then turns to Bayrose. “But we can fix all that! Marry me, Baby. Marry me and we can be a proper family! You, and me, and Isidore and Mireya! I love you!”

He moves to kiss her but Bayrose cringes away, hands up and face curled in disgust. “What the hell, Gator? I’m already married! To Gem!”

Her words make his blood boil. “Oh yeah? Well dating him certainly didn’t stop you from fucking me before! How do we know Mireya isn’t mine? She could be!”

“No she couldn’t! God, Gator, have you even seen her?”

This is the first Isidore has ever heard about his mother’s affair, and he steps in to ask if Gator is telling the truth. Before Bayrose can say anything, Gator turns and delivers a swift slap to his son’s face. “Hey! We’re talking here, kid! Shut up and show some respect!”

Considering how well Gator claims to know her, he really should have known better than to lay a hand on her child. Ain’t nobody touch one of momma bear’s cubs. 

Like last time, the fire blast won’t kill him. But it does send him flying backwards into the neighbouring lot. 

Bayrose drags her son into the house before the paparazzi can arrive, pulling him into the dining room to talk. “Listen, you cannot tell your father what Gator said. It would be better if you didn’t mention tonight at all, actually.”

“What, you want me to keep quiet so you can go out and fuck your guy on the side some more?” He thought he was over her absence in his youth, but now, with the reason for it spilled out in front of him, the rage just comes rushing back. “Is that why you were always gone when I was a kid? Because you were out having an AFFAIR? Why should I tell Gem that? He deserves to know!”

“I deserve to know what?”

Bayrose shoots her son a dirty look. “Go to your room. You have school in the morning. We’ll talk later.”

Isidore considers saying something else but decides against it. Choosing instead to actually listen to his mother for once and go to his room.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Gem steps up to his wife. “So what’s going on? Please tell me you didn’t have to just shoo a girl out of his room. I told you giving him the basement would be a bad idea.”

“N-no… its… it was me.”

“You had a girl in our room? I’d like to think I would have noticed that.”

Him trying to be funny just breaks her heart all the more. “Gator was outside tonight. He was drunk, and he told Isidore about my affair with him.”

Gem shrinks back in disgust. “Your affair? For how long? And when?”

“A-after my mom left. And until the day you were abducted. I got the call from the hospital right after I broke up with him. I am so sorry.”

“Is Mireya mine?”

She nods, not trusting herself to speak. She knows she’s on the verge of crying, and she won’t let herself become the victim here. He deserves better.

To her complete surprise, he embraces her tightly. 


“I forgive you.” It’s a whisper, but she still hears him. 

“I love you.” She whispers back, not wanting to let him go.

He smiles through his tears, keeping her close. “I know. I love you too. And it’ll take a lot more than this to break us.”


The later half of this chapter was supposed to be about the teens. Instead I jumped into modthesims chat and shared a song with Buckley! Her response to said song was: "Oh hey, I really like this one." So then I had to name a chapter after it, and it really fit what Gator was going through while Bayrose was getting her life back together so I decided to pull him back for a bit.

The title: Nothing by The Script. It's a good song. I enjoyed listening to it.

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, the upcoming heir vote for Gen 3 (which'll take place in about a month at my rate) will be between Isidore and Mireya only. Leya will of course make an appearance in Isidore's story, and same with Damon in Mireya's. The next few chapters will be all about the teens and later the kids, with the plot returning right before the heir vote. 

By the way, neither Mireya or Damon have the evil trait. I swear. And Mireya wasn't named after me. She was named for "Miracle", which I figure fits her quite well.