Monday, July 21, 2014

2.15 - Summer Girl

The night of the dance had arrived. No one raised an eyebrow to Leya’s date when he picked her up. Mostly because no one was even home. Isidore had left early to help set up the gym, Gem was at a late meeting and Bayrose was doing a secret cameo at the local theatre. 

Elrich takes Leya to school, but stops her before they can enter the gym. She’d imagined something a bit more romantic for her first kiss, but this was fine too.

“Can’t we just skip the dance?” He asks, looking her up and down. “I have a key to the annex building. We can have our own party instead.”

Any other girl might have run away screaming, or at the very least turned him down. But Leya wasn’t any other girl. She’d expected this, it was just a natural progression of their relationship, right?

“I’m so nervous, though. I’ve never done… that, before.”

“I’ll be gentle.” He promises, taking her by the hand. “And I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

She highly doubts that, but what the hey. She’s already said yes.

He thought he’d heard voices. They were a bit late, considering most of their classmates had arrived about an hour ago and were well into the swing of things. And now, they weren’t just late, they were leaving! What the hell? 

He was about to start after them when a female voice startles him.

“Hee~ey Isidore. The slow songs are about to start, won’t you join me inside?”

Isidore isn’t really interested in Wanda, romantically or even friendship wise. He always thought of her as too much of a people-pleaser to be worthy of his sister’s friendship. However, she is still his sister’s closest friend, and he doesn’t want to insult her…

“I uh… I don’t know, Wanda. I’m not really much of a dancer.”

Wow. He is one terrible liar. And so awkward too. Wanda instantly regrets agreeing to distract Leya’s brother if she decided to take off with Elrich. 

“Oh come ooon~. One little dance? For me? It won’t take long!”

One dance turns into three, and then freaking Marla asks him for a dance, and then Janell gets into a fight with Marla that turns bloody… it’s already dark before Isidore is able to make his escape. Leya and Elrich are long gone.

He’s about to head back inside to at least pretend to have fun before spotting a strange blonde sitting at a picnic table outside. He hasn’t met everyone at their school, but he knows for a fact that this girl hasn’t been here long. Someone would have told him. She’s a werewolf, like him.

He must have made some kind of noise, because she turns around to look at him, bright yellow eyes glowing in the dark. Her face is shining too, but she quickly turns away to wipe her tears away as he approaches her. 

“Hey, are you alright?”

“Yes, of course!” She answers with a smile, her voice carrying the faintest trace of a Euro-sim accent. “I am sorry, I did not know anyone was around.”

“I just got here.” He assures her, figuring she might be embarrassed that someone found her crying. “My name is Isidore Sari. I didn’t realize there were any other werewolves my age in town.”

“Isidore Sari?” The girl repeats in confusion. “Monsieur Wolff said his son was the only other young werewolf in zis city?” 

Isidore can’t keep the look of disgust off his face when she mentions his biological father’s name. Of course she’d know him. If she’s knew in town her family would have had to speak with him before settling here. Part of the old laws, or something. 

“Gator Wolff is my biological father.” He explains to her. “He’s never been in my life so I don’t know why he’d even try to tell people that I’m his son. My real father is the Mayor.” 

The girl smiles at him almost apologetically. “I am sorry. I had no idea.”

“It’s alright, uh… what did you say your name was?”

She smiles for real this time. “Amelia Hound. My papa and I just moved here from Champe le Sims. He suggested I go to the dance, but I knew no one and it was too overwhelming when those girls began to fight. I was about to return home.” 

“It’s a good thing I caught you first then!” He smiles, already forgetting his initial reason for leaving the dance. “Now you know me, and I would love to properly introduce you to the rest of our classmates.”

“It feels so strange to go to a dance without a date, though.”

His eyes meet hers and she blushes lightly. He feels a strange flip in his stomach, before deciding to extend his hand to her. “Well then, Miss Amelia. Would you allow me to escort you back inside as your date?”

She takes his hand, smiling again. “I would love that.”

The following morning, Gem is up bright and early for his day off. He tries asking about prom, but Leya tactfully uses her homework as an excuse until he loses interest and grabs breakfast. She won’t have to answer any questions about the prom she and Elrich skipped. 

Isidore on the other hand is more than happy to talk about his prom, and about his new girlfriend, Amelia. They spent the rest of the dance holding hands and talking about their lives; how she and her father left France after her mother cheated with the pack leader, and how he grew up with a witch for a mom and a human step-father. 

They were announced prom king and queen, and by the end of the night Amelia had met almost everyone in their school. It was a great night!

Mira doesn’t like this blonde floozy. Who does she think she is, coming in here and taking her brother’s attention away? He’s supposed to be babysitting HER. And what’s wrong with blondie’s eyes, anyway? They friggin glow! What a freak.

Mira is even more aghast when her brother has the gall to actually put her down on the COLD floor to give Amelia a kiss. Sure the blonde goes home after, but Mira be damned if she ever forgets this betrayal!

She tries telling her dad, but he doesn’t listen. He never listens! He’s always too busy with work to bother trying to learn her baby talk like Isi and Leya did. 

She tries talking to Leya next, but the older girl just smiles and nods, obviously ignoring her. It’s like they think she’s a baby or something! How rude.

Whenever the teens end up babysitting (which is often), Mira gets angry and goes to read in a corner and Damon demands snuggles. Isidore thinks his younger brother is one creepy kid, but he can’t be blamed for what his alien sire did. And Damon really is the closest thing Isidore has to a brother, so he tries to spend time with him. It would be so much easier is Damon didn’t give him the weirdest condescending look every time Isidore tried teaching him to talk. 

While Gem and Bayrose are at a charity fundraiser in the Van Gould estate, Leya convinces Isidore to take the babies to the park so that she can study for her exams. And by study, she means change into the clothes Elrich picked out for her and invite him over. 

He loves seeing her in skirts and high heeled boots. Says it makes access to her easier. 

Sometimes, Leya wants to just hang out or watch movies together, but Elrich always convinces her to do what he wants to instead. She can’t honestly say she doesn’t enjoy their time together, but she also knows that he’s enjoying woo-hoo a lot more than she is. 

Mira and Damon’s birthday arrives at for once, Bayrose and Gem take a night off from work in order to be at home. 

Mira becomes a child first, and despite hating the colour pink, she obediently the hideous outfit her mother bought for her. 

Damon offers no objection towards his outfit, in fact he hasn’t spoken since he was born (despite his loud crying as a baby showing that he does in fact have vocal cords). Bay and Gem both hoped that he would grow out of this silence thing, but apparently not. 

That same night, Leya excuses herself early from dinner, citing tummy troubles. 

The nausea began two weeks ago, and while she wants to believe its just the flu, she knows it isn’t. Her first mistake was letting this happen in the first place. Her second was letting Elrich know her fears. He told her not to contact him again until she’d “dealt with it”. 

Isidore waits until after dinner to follow after his sister. He isn’t as blind as Leya seems to think he is. 

She doesn’t even acknowledge him when he enters her room and sits down on her chair. 

“So… what’s going on? Troubles with Elrich? Do I need to go beat him up?”

She doesn’t smile at him. 

“I’m pregnant. Elrich told me to get rid of it.”

Isidore never realizes how much rage he could feel towards one person before now. It takes all his self control to keep from transforming, but he knows all it will do is scare Leya. 

He bites his lip painfully until a sob from her side of the room finally manages to ease his anger. 

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know” She says in between sobs, letting her tears fall down her cheeks. “I don’t know.”


Well thank god that's finally done with. I've had the outline and photos done for weeks but just felt no drive to write this one. I think the nature of the chapter was one reason, and the other reason was how long its taken me to organize Generation 3. I'm starting it while Mira is still a teen so the heir vote actually won't take place until chapter 3.6 or so. 

As far as Generation 2 goes however, it will end with chapter 2.19. 

I made Amelia. Amelia is mine. She's supposed to be french but I don't know what a french accent sounds like.


  1. I like the way Amelia looks, she's pretty :3 But I don't know what a French accent sounds like either. I've only heard my brother speak French a little, and it's kinda slurred-ish, and sounds like all the words roll into one. Try typing a general sentence into google translate and listening, usually it'll give you a good idea of what the accent sounds like.
    I hope Isidore and Amelia's relationship can last the disapproval of Mireya though. She's adorably stubborn.

    Yikes Leya. She's not all too old either, double yikes. I thought Elrich was going to be a nice guy, but when he started to force her and tell her what to wear? Nope. He kinda sounds like one of my exs, so I don't like him anymore. I hope Isidore does beat him up!
    I'm a little worried for her about how Gem and Bay are going to take it though, Gem especially. His good girl went and got herself pregnant, triple yikes!

    1. Mireya was supposed to have a really different personality, but her constant pout kind of dictated a different kind of personality. It actually works so much better. At this point in time I'm having Leya be about 15 and Isidore 16. The "twins" are around 5 or 6 since they're just starting school now.

      Elrich was never supposed to come off as a good guy, so I knew I had to make him really stand out as an asshole in this chapter, while still showing bits of why Leya was happy to be with him. It starts off as her choice, but she quickly loses control of things.

  2. "Hound". Haha. That's great.

    1. I think I originally had her last name as something french but then I forgot it while writing and figured "what the hell. Let's go with the theme." Glad it made someone laugh! <3

  3. Hound is a great name for a werewolf.

    It's interesting that Isidore thinks Wanda is to much of a people pleaser, when Leya is doing all she can to please Elrich. Atleast her beeing pregnant (probably) made him not want to see her again, is a good thing. Wonder what Wandas reaction will be.

    And ofcourse: Mira and Damon! There's an interesting pair. Can't wait to see what they will get up to! Don't think I've ever beens so blind of ideas in any generations.

    1. Thank you!

      I don't know that Leya will be letting all this get out to her classmates if she can help it. Of course, rumours will spread, but she still has her brother to beat people up if need be. Can't say more than that.

      Mira and Damon will be a lot of fun to characterize. If anything, Mira definitely takes after her mother in stubbornness, and Damon is as strange as they get.

  4. Aww, poor Leya. I had a feeling that Elrich was that kind of guy, I hope Isi lets him have it!
    Mira is adorable, what a little spitfire she'll be! I like Damon and his quirkiness too. It'll be interesting to see what Mira and Damon get up to now that they are children. =)

    1. Mira is as spitfire as they get. She's goanna be a fun one to write, that's for sure. And I look forward to writing Damon as her opposite.

  5. I wasn't much liking Elrich at the beginning of this chapter and by the end I was wanting Isidore to go tear him apart! I'm looking forward to seeing what Mira will be like as a child, I think she's going to be quite interesting...